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InFlight enables you to provide candidates with a consistently branded experience as they interact with your recruitment marketing platform, career site, and applicant tracking system. Gain the competitive advantage you need to convert top candidates into leading applicants.

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InFlight ProgrammaticPLUS a managed job advertising solution that combines the efficiency of programmatic media buying across multiple ad networks with candidate experience enhancements to get the best results possible from your budget.

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Brand your entire talent experience

You paid a lot to develop your brand and it’s a valuable asset. Putting it to work for talent acquisition involves more than just getting the colors and logo right.

The InFlight Employee Experience Platform creates fully branded experiences that improve candidate conversion.

You can use InFlight to customize the look and functionality of your ATS, career site, and more. InFlight allows you to reimagine your entire talent acquisition tech stack to match your brand and take control over the candidate experience.

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Do you know where your recruiting dollars are going?

What if we told you half of your recruitment marketing budget was being wasted? 60-80% of the people who start a job application don’t complete it because the ATS user experience stinks.

InFlight solves this issue by streamlining the application experience to remove pain points, leading to less user drop-off and a greater return on your recruitment efforts.

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The candidate experience doesn’t stop at “You’re hired!”

Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82% Glassdoor.com

InFlight ensures new hires get off to a good start in the crucial first 30-days by making the Onboarding process efficient and pain-free. Enabling employees to ramp quickly improves retention by giving employees the ability to make immediate impact.

Enhance the onboarding experience

“Our old career site wasn’t user-friendly and its design hadn’t kept pace with Hyatt’s evolving employer brand. InFlight redesigned our career site so it now matches our brand, has easy-to-use job search, and uses videos and quotes from Hyatt employees to give candidates a better sense of the benefits of working here.”


Crystal Bell | Senior HRIS Analyst

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