• I’m hiring hard to fill roles

    Unemployment during the economic downturn is patchy. Unfortunately, the people who need jobs don’t have the hard to find skills you’re looking for. You need to get your jobs in front of the right people.

  • I'm getting too few qualified applicants

    A poor candidate experience is making more work for recruiters when they search have to through high volumes of applications looking for qualified candidates. With the right job application experience, you’ll get more applications from qualified candidates and not have to waste time searching for needles in a haystack.

  • I have lots of tech but not I’m not getting great results

    Candidates have to navigate a series of different systems as they go on their candidate journey. Unless the handoffs are coordinated and seamless, they cause frustration and candidates drop out of the funnel. Find out how to eliminate unnecessary forms, fields, and registration steps.

  • I’m managing LinkedIn and Indeed job ads

    Buying ads directly from any publisher is expensive, takes a lot of time to manage, and returns dubious results. Find out how you can spend your budget smarter, saving you time and getting you better results.

  • I don’t know how to onboard my hires

    Onboarding is a make or break proposition at the best of times, and now that you can’t do it in person, it’s even harder. You need to make onboarding so simple and convenient, new hires don’t need tribal knowledge from the water cooler.

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InFlight improves recruiting metrics and helps organizations fill difficult to hire roles faster while managing high application volumes. Recruiters will get the experienced candidates they need, at a better price, and “without killing themselves”

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Are you advertising jobs the smartest way?

Jeanne has a substantial media budget she spends with LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. She works with her rep regularly reviewing and updating spreadsheets to manage her ads, but she’s still not getting the results she wants. It’s too expensive and there are too few qualified candidates.

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Are you filling your funnel, but nothing’s coming out the bottom?

John’s a busy recruiter and is absolutely slammed trying to find qualified candidates for hiring managers to interview. John’s actively marketing roles and spending time and money promoting jobs, but qualified candidates just aren’t coming in fast enough and critical roles are not getting filled.

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After Screen Before Screen

Is your candidate journey a road to nowhere?

Kate’s reviewing her team’s metrics and she doesn’t like what she sees. She’s dreading her conversation with the CHRO about why the ATS, career site, recruitment marketing platform, and other tech they’ve invested in isn’t working together and how gaps between the systems are getting in the way of the results they need.

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Onboarding was hard before, but “now it’s a real mess”

You’ve just hired Danielle. You’re excited about her background and how she is going to elevate the entire team. But you’re wondering how to get Danielle productive in the shortest amount of time possible because you won’t be able to onboard her and teach her the ropes in person.


“Our old career site wasn’t user-friendly and its design hadn’t kept pace with Hyatt’s evolving employer brand. InFlight redesigned our career site so it now matches our brand, has easy-to-use job search, and uses videos and quotes from Hyatt employees to give candidates a better sense of the benefits of working here.”


Crystal Bell | Senior HRIS Analyst

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