Increase recruiting efficiency by 66%

92% of the people you attract do not finish applying for your job — that’s wasting too much recruiting time and budget. InFlight is proven to increase candidate conversion where it matters most so you can get better outcomes with less expense and effort.

InFlight enables you to:

  • Eliminate wasted spend and effort
  • Quickly hire hard-to-fill roles
  • Out-recruit the competition
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Change how people work

Complicated and frustrating applications slow down users, create confusion, encourage mistakes, and require extra effort. InFlight makes your enterprise applications more efficient and easy-to-use so people don’t get slowed down by technology.

InFlight provides:

  • Modern, mobile-optimized UX
  • Simplified workflows
  • Personalized dashboards
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Be agile and efficient in challenging times

Every digital interaction is an opportunity to speed up or slow down the flow of work. Get it right, and things hum along. Get it wrong and costs soar, effort multiplies, and productivity crumbles.

InFlight enables organizations to:

  • Save countless hours of time
  • Eliminate the need for training and support
  • Get more value from existing software
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SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

InFlight sweats the security details so you don’t have to.

Our processes, procedures, and controls adhere to the highest standards of software security so even the largest enterprises are assured their data remains fully protected.

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New challenges at work mean new challenges for your enterprise applications



The InFlight Platform helps enterprises adapt to change and create impact by upping the ante on what your existing software investments can do. InFlight optimizes the UX to achieve any desired user behavior so organizations become more efficient and agile in the face of change.

InFlight makes it easy to add new capabilities to existing applications:


    InFlight enables you to optimize the user experience to achieve business goals. Find out where users struggle, and remove roadblocks with our end-to-end data capture, analytics, and testing framework.


    InFlight provides a universal, cloud-based API that makes it easy to combine information and elements of any web-based application or service without using system accounts or taking data out of your system of record.


    InFlight provides single sign-on across multiple systems, so users only need to log in once and have access to all the information they need in one place.



    InFlight preserves the integrity and security of your applications so your projects can easily pass InfoSec and governance reviews. Data is never stored outside your system of record and full audit trails are maintained.


Don’t jump! Find out why that disruptive HCM migration isn’t worth it.

Before Screen PeopleSoft Time Entry Approvals

User experience challenges:

  • Not mobile optimized
  • Too much information
  • Users are overloaded
  • Inconsistent branding

Change user behavior with smart designs:

  • Mobile-optimized micro apps
  • Personalized dashboards and notifications
  • Embed info in the flow of work
  • Fully branded, unified experience

Let users focus on success

Find out how a great user experience can make your enterprise more efficient and impact your bottom line.