Get 194% more from your recruiting efforts and investments

Up to 80% of the candidates you drive to your career site do not complete job applications because the ATS user experience stinks. InFlight is proven to increase applicant conversion by up to 194%.

InFlight allows you to:

• Create career sites that are as unique as your employer brand
• Simplify job applications
• Optimize for Google
• Reduce time-to-fill

Integrates with:

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Make your digital workplace more user-friendly

Out-of-the-box functionality is rarely a perfect fit for your way of working. InFlight enables you to realize your vision for how your HR tech should work and eliminate employee frustration with self-service.

InFlight gives employees:

  • A consumer-like digital experience at work
  • More efficient workflows
  • A unified experience
  • Mobile-optimized applications

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Boost productivity in a next-generation digital workplace

Productivity is flatlining, despite all the new technology in the workplace because the digital experience still falls short of employee needs and expectations.

InFlight creates a consumer-grade user experience using your existing applications:

  • Make work simpler, easier, and more efficient
  • Eliminate the need for training and support
  • Single, sign-on (SSO) so users only need to log in once
  • Fully brandable

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Creating a consumer-grade digital employee experience has never been easier



The InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP) provides total control over your HR applications, so you can overcome technology obstacles and achieve successful business outcomes. From pre-hire to retire, InFlight enables you to impact user behavior for the better, enhance your brand, and maximize your HCM software investments.

In addition to solving the user experience issues preventing you from maximizing your existing systems, InFlight also delivers:


    InFlight enables you to optimize the user experience to achieve business goals. Find out where users struggle, and remove roadblocks with our end-to-end data capture, analytics, and testing framework.


    Stay on top of rapidly changing accessibility requirements and protect your organization from ADA violations. InFlight ensures your career site and HR systems meet or exceed all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA) and their related requirements.


    InFlight provides single sign-on across multiple systems, so users only need to log in once and have access to all the information they need in one place.


    InFlight preserves the integrity and security of your applications so your projects can easily pass InfoSec and governance reviews. Data is never stored outside your system of record and full audit trails are maintained.

Modernize your existing systems without compromising the integrity of the underlying application

Before Screen PeopleSoft Time Entry Approvals

User experience challenges:

  • Not mobile optimized
  • Too much information
  • Users are overloaded
  • Inconsistent branding

Change user behavior with smart designs:

  • Mobile-optimized
  • Clean, open, easy to read
  • Easy-to-use, streamlined
  • Unified, branded experience

Find out why InFlight is the best Employee Experience Platform

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