Increase candidate conversion by 194% with InFlight!

Most people don’t realize that up to 90% of the candidates they drive to their applicant tracking system leave without submitting applications. That means up to 90% of their recruitment marketing spend and efforts are wasted! InFlight provides a frictionless candidate experience that multiplies your applicant conversion rate so you can get more from your recruitment marketing efforts and investments.

Effective Registration Screen for Applicant Conversion
Effective Personal Info Screen for Applicant Conversion
Experience Screen
Analytics Screen Promoting Applicant Conversion

Improve your recruiting efficiency with an optimized ATS apply flow

Equipped with the most compelling user interface and advanced analytics, InFlight enables you to convert top talent into leading applicants.

Our ATS Apply integration works with the following applicant tracking systems:

Learn how InFlight helps you get more from your recruiting budget

Want to get better candidates faster and while spending less?

InFlight optimizes the apply flow experience provided by your existing ATS to triple candidate conversion so you don’t waste time and money filling a leaky candidate funnel.

Let’s get started!

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