Get better recruiting results for less money

InFlight ProgrammaticPLUS is a managed solution that combines the power and efficiency of programmatic media buying across multiple ad networks with candidate experience enhancements to get the best results possible from your advertising budget. Your job ads go to the most effective sites and candidates are converted at higher rates, which increases your recruiting performance and saves you money.

Reach candidates before competition 

Put job ads in front of candidates in their favorite online destinations – and before your competition.

High-quality applicants

Detailed targeting data and job ad placement on niche sites draws applications from more experienced candidates.

Guaranteed outcomes

Fully-managed job ad campaigns ensure predictable recruiting results based on your objectives.

Efficient spending

Campaigns automatically adjust in real-time based on job volume and priority to ensure your budget is used efficiently across all postings.


Built-in track-to-hire capabilities, with source attribution and influence data

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What is Programmatic Advertising?

Simply put, programmatic advertising leverages a network of sites that your jobs can be advertised on. Media is purchased in bulk to get the best price and then computer algorithms automatically optimize your job ad placements to get the best results from your media spend. Programmatic saves a lot of headaches because it’s easier to manage than direct media buying and it scales.

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Simplify and optimize your media spend with InFlight ProgrammaticPLUS

Imagine all the benefits of programmatic job advertising but with less work. InFlight ProgrammaticPLUS is a managed solution that enables you to simply set a budget and campaign goals—we do the rest.
InFlight ProgrammaticPLUS provides:

  • Thousands of media properties and multiple ad networks via a single insertion order
  • All campaign configuration, monitoring, management, and reporting
  • Scalability to any budget amount
  • Candidate experience enhancements
An illustration of people evaluating orogrammatic job advertising

Improve your recruiting efficiency

Find out how InFlight ProgrammaticPLUS will help you spend less time and money advertising your jobs and return better recruiting results.

Let’s get started!

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