Competing for talent requires brands to stand out as exceptional

Hyatt Hotels Corporation faced a recruiting challenge not uncommon to organizations with a reputation for delivering a high level of care to their customers and employees. The international hotel company, which has 750 properties in 55 countries, wanted to ensure candidates applying for jobs at the organization experienced that same type of white-glove treatment when moving through the application process at Hyatt.

Recruiting leaders at Hyatt understood any friction encountered by job seekers in that search-and-apply process could prompt desirable candidates to drop out and create a perception that worked against Hyatt’s standing as a world-class guest service brand.

Hyatt had an aging career site and inefficiencies in its application process with the potential to create a disconnect between that brand identity and how candidates viewed the company. InFlight helped Hyatt address that challenge by implementing a comprehensive solution that modernized the career site, shortened the job application process, and integrated two different jobs listing sites to form a single, seamless search application.

Hyatt InFlight modernized Taleo education apply step
Hyatt Hotels careers website page

Revamped career site matches Hyatt’s unique brand, improves user navigation

The InFlight redesigned career site features compelling new themes consistent with Hyatt’s unique brand, more intuitive navigation, and responsive design that accommodates job seekers accessing the site from any type of device.

“The old career site wasn’t as user-friendly as we liked and its design hadn’t kept pace with changes in our corporate brand,” says Crystal Bell, a senior Human Resource Information Systems Specialist for Hyatt who managed the project. “The redesigned site now matches our brand, has an improved search function, and uses videos and quotes from current Hyatt employees that give candidates a better sense of the benefits of working at the company.”


InFight brings new cohesion and speed to Hyatt’s job application process

The InFlight solution also streamlined the application process for job candidates and brought new cohesion to a system that had used one job listing site for corporate-owned Hyatt hotels and a separate listing site for franchise properties.

Shortening the application process now helps give candidates a “Hyatt level” experience from start to finish and also allows recruiters to convert more qualified leads faster. For example, InFlight’s solution means candidates no longer have to create a user account before submitting an application — a step that studies show causes 60 percent of candidates to abandon the process. Candidates now create that account after submitting an application.

The revamped career site brings together InFlight-enhanced Taleo job listings and separate franchise-specific job listings for under the Hyatt brand in a way that is not visually distinguishable to candidates. That change caused no disruption to Hyatt’s existing enterprise software since it required no updates to current versions of Taleo products and all security and data constructs remained in place.

InFlight’s solution also enables Hyatt to embed the analytics platform of its choice to track metrics on its career site and at each stage of the application process to gather data to continuously improve the candidate experience.

Hyatt InFlight modernized Taleo resume upload apply step
Hyatt InFlight modernized Taleo education apply step

A five-star experience for a world class brand

Bell of Hyatt says the new global career site, improved Taleo apply process and unified search application have been embraced by HR executives and recruiting leaders at Hyatt who see the improvements as a valuable new asset in the company’s campaign to hire top talent faster.

With the help of InFlight, Hyatt was able to translate its world-class employer brand into a candidate experience that reflects the organization’s values and culture and positions the company as an employer of choice.

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