Increase compliance while reducing IT and resource dollars

Employees become frustrated when they have to remember multiple user names and passwords. This results in hours of wasted time every week resetting and recovering passwords, password reuse, weak passwords, or insecurely stored passwords. And with cyber attacks ramping up during the pandemic, organizations can’t be lax on security.

InFlight enables your organization’s PeopleSoft HCM, FSCM, or Campus Solutions applications to integrate with your corporate identity provider (IdP) to reduce the strain on IT while increasing security and compliance.

InFlight’s SSO Integration provides organizations with a rapid, cost-effective solution for integrating SAML-based SSO providers with your PeopleSoft application to allow employees to use a single digital identity across multiple domains. This ensures a streamlined employee experience and eliminates many frustrations – resulting in an increase in overall compliance, employee satisfaction, and a reduction in IT and resource dollars.

Get rid of all your separate logins and use one account for all of your corporate systems!

InFlight SSO integrates with your current corporate identity provider and PeopleSoft enabling your employees to use the identify provider to login.  

InFlight SSO increases the ease of use of your HR portal so employees will log in more often to complete their self-service tasks. InFlight SSO increases overall compliance and employee satisfaction with PeopleSoft.

Increase your overall compliance and security

Make it easier for your employees to comply with corporate policies and infosec guidelines by removing the need to create and remember complex passwords.

Identity and Access Management

Our single-sign-on technology means users never have to log into multiple systems again.

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InFlight SSO is an Oracle Validated Integration for PeopleSoft

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