Improve the candidate experience with career site and apply flow analytics

Like many informed recruiting functions, the American Tower team knew that the quality of the candidate experience their organization provides has a dramatic impact on brand sentiment and even business outcomes – after all, the Talent Board reports that 79% of candidates who have a negative experience will share with friends and colleagues and on social media which will impact reputation, referrals, and ability to hire the best talent. With that in mind, they implemented the InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP).

To track and improve their candidate experience, American Tower was keen to access better analytics than what Taleo provides in order to understand candidate behavior and perceptions. American Tower wanted to understand their Candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS) as well as other end-to-end candidate journey metrics to justify their investments and validate the decisions they were making to improve the candidate experience.

However, their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Taleo, made it difficult to access data, compile reports, and see the full picture. Further, their career site required manual reporting inputs from Taleo in order for the team to gain visibility into their candidate conversion and applicant flow.

InFlight provides critical insights that out-of-the-box ATS analytics are missing

To solve for their reporting issues, American Tower relied on the InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP). InFlight injects a candidate survey at the end of the application to track the Candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS) over time. 

In addition to Candidate NPS, InFlight enabled granular tracking on the American Tower career site that measures how candidates are navigating their site. InFlight’s analytics also captures candidate interactions and behaviors throughout the Taleo apply flow, so the team can gain insights about the end-to-end candidate journey.

An improved candidate experience during the application process

InFlight also provided American Tower with an enhanced and branded apply flow experience. With the InFlight EXP, American Tower candidates now interact with a mobile-optimized and branded apply flow that delivers a seamless candidate experience. The improved apply flow removes unnecessary clutter, such as redundant account registrations and complicated forms, in order to cut down on the time it takes to complete an application.

The results: a best-in-class candidate NPS and reduction in applicant drop-off-rates

The American Tower team now has much greater visibility into their candidate journey and apply flow. They have been able to track and improve their performance over time, and now boast a Candidate NPS of 60 – which is higher than most consumer retail websites!

They have also increased their team’s efficiency by removing the need for manual reports to be created on an ongoing basis. They can now easily access customizable web reports to check in on their performance in real-time without having to go through a lengthy manual report-creation process. 

American Tower’s improved apply flow experience has also reduced job application abandonment rates by cutting down on the time it takes to complete the application. The improved apply flow now provides a consumer-grade user experience throughout a critical stage of the candidate journey.


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