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Elevate your branding without using the Taleo branding file

Showcase your employer brand to candidates by providing a consistent experience from your career site through searching for, applying to, and accepting jobs, as well as on boarding.

InFlight makes it possible to control the end to end experience without using the branding file.

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Get rid of registration now

Up to 90% of candidates leave your job application after seeing the Taleo registration page.

InFlight’s deferred registration for Taleo removes the need for new candidates to create a Taleo account before starting their application.

Mobile optimized experience using one career section

InFlight provides a mobile optimized candidate experience WITHOUT requiring your team to manage two career sections (for mobile and desktop).

Our mobile experience leverages responsive HTML technology ensuring it works for all device types.

Measure your candidate experience and real applicant conversion

Taleo’s OBI platform is only providing applicant analytics data after they register/login.

InFlight’s advanced analytics offers insights into your candidate experience and enables you to measure your real applicant conversion rate (from apply click to submission).

This will enable you to optimize the application process and demonstrate return on investment for your business stakeholders.

Taleo case studies

InFlight is an Oracle gold partner. Our partnership allows us to tap into Oracle resources to ensure our solutions have the highest levels of interoperability and performance.

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Great Brands Trust InFlight

Many world class organizations use software and services from InFlight Corporation to mobilize and enhance the user experience of their existing enterprise systems. Here are just a few of our customers…

Don’t let your recruiting efforts be limited by the Taleo candidate experience.

Equipped with the most compelling user interface and advanced analytics, InFlight enables you to convert top talent into leading applicants.

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