Starting with the basics: What is Single Sign-On (SSO)

During a typical work day, employees are responsible for managing various logins for email, CRM software, financials, and other systems and applications designed to simplify their daily tasks. Having to remember all of the usernames and passwords associated with these applications can be a challenge and results in lost productivity.

The use of a single sign-on (SSO) software helps alleviate the need for – and frustrations of – recalling myriad credentials. With an SSO integration, employees can use one account to log into many different applications.


Why is SSO mandatory for HR organizations today?

1. SSO increases the ease of use and efficiency of your HR portal

The biggest benefit of SSO is that users can move between applications securely without having to specify their credentials each time. SSO effectively joins individual services in your HR portal and removes the service boundaries. Having the capabilities to switch seamlessly from one application to the next improves productivity  and the overall employee experience.

2. SSO increases overall compliance and security

When employees are asked to use unique passwords for each program or application, they usually don’t. In fact, 52% use the same or similar passwords on multiple accounts. SSO integration requires that employees only have to remember one master set of credentials, preventing employees from creating complex sets of passwords, reusing weak passwords, or keeping physical records of all passwords – all of which are inefficient, costly, and insecure.

SSO also helps with overall compliance. Certain regulations require IT controls to be documented and for organizations to prove adequate methods are in place to protect data. SSO integration helps meet these requirements around data access and protection.

3. SSO reduces IT costs and resources

Integrating SSO allows IT administrators to save time and resources by using a central web access management service. The integration of a modern SSO reduces the number of passwords users are required to remember. This means users are less likely to submit a ticket to the IT department for password resets and issues pertaining to logins.


The problem: some Human Capital Management (HCM) systems do not integrate with SSO

While many organizations are already using SSO, there’s an issue when it comes to integrating SSO with an organization’s Human Capital Management (HCM) software. PeopleSoft, for instance, doesn’t have the capabilities to support the modern, SAML-based SSO standard.

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is the technology that fuels modern SSOs by allowing identity providers to pass authorization credentials to service providers.

Organizations have to choose between coding their own SSO solution to make PeopleSoft work with SAML, or work with an SSO provider that sells a complicated and expensive patch to get it to work.


This is where InFlight’s SSO integration comes into play – we allow PeopleSoft to integrate with your company’s SSO to enhance the employee experience

The InFlight Employee Experience Platform provides organizations with a rapid, cost-effective solution for integrating SAML-based SSO providers with your PeopleSoft application to allow employees to use a single digital identity across multiple domains. This ensures a streamlined employee experience and eliminates many frustrations – resulting in an increase in overall compliance, employee satisfaction, and reduction in IT and resource dollars.

InFlight’s SSO solution easily integrates with Oracle products so organizations can leverage the missing SAML software to allow PeopleSoft to work with identity providers. This ensures a simple, efficient, and cost-effective solution to what would otherwise be a difficult problem to solve.


Mini case study: The PeopleSoft SSO integration in action

PeopleSoft SSO mobile example

One of our customers, Wynn Casinos and Resorts, uses PeopleSoft, but was struggling to integrate it with Okta Multi-factor Authentication – the company’s SAML-based SSO provider.

By adopting InFlight’s technology, Wynn was able to integrate PeopleSoft SAML support using the existing Oracle Node-based SSO. Wynn employees can now use a single digital identity to log in to PeopleSoft and enhance their employee experience.


Without InFlight, the Wynn team would have had to devote internal time and resources to coding their own solution, or had to work with an SSO provider that was costly, complicated to use, and difficult to implement. Choosing InFlight saved Wynn significant time and resources while accomplishing the same goal.


Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team to learn how InFlight is helping organizations like yours to improve their employee experience and productivity levels with a PeopleSoft SAML integration.
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