Integrate PeopleSoft content with your existing ServiceNow portal

Employee portals are trending again as organizations look to keep their workforces connected, productive, and happy. Serving as a single place for employees to access all the information and application content they need, self service portals allow tasks to be completed without the help of HR.

Platforms like ServiceNow have been increasing in popularity as employers search for an efficient way to create an employee portal. InFlight makes it easy to incorporate PeopleSoft content into these ServiceNow portals, providing a user-friendly end result that helps enhance the employee experience, boost productivity, and improve employee satisfaction.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Why ServiceNow plays such an important role in the employee experience
  2. The friction that PeopleSoft customers face using ServiceNow
  3. How InFlight can help your company eliminate that friction

1. The rise of the ServiceNow employee experience

Staying competitive throughout these new ways of working can be difficult, which is why organizations are investing in centralized ServiceNow portals for employees, allowing organizations to bring key business activities together and improve how digital services are delivered.

The value of a single employee destination

Why is it so important to have a user-centric approach? Because today’s employees expect a consumer-grade experience at work, especially when it comes to the tools they use to get their jobs done. In fact, Gartner states that in a survey of 5,000 employees, 56% said they expect to have the same quality experience that their company’s customers receive.

Employees expect tools that help them stay connected, informed, and productive, no matter where they are working, and ServiceNow’s Employee Service Center (ESC) does all of the above.

Unfortunately, there is one key issue that arises when it comes to how ServiceNow brings PeopleSoft content into their ESC. Let’s look into it.

2. The disconnect between ServiceNow Portals and PeopleSoft

One of the key parts of a strong digital employee experience is delivering a single place for users to access everything they need. But are ServiceNow portals like the ESC truly a one-stop shop for PeopleSoft customers?

Not really, because ServiceNow falls short in an important area: bringing live content into the portal from PeopleSoft, which remains the core application that many global enterprises use for employee self-service transactions.

Instead of having everything in one place, the ESC portal landing page links out to content in PeopleSoft applications. Accessing self-service content from PeopleSoft requires a separate login to get to the content itself, which disrupts the seamless experience that your employees expect.

Let’s dive deeper into the friction this creates and how InFlight can help eliminate it.

Friction in the ServiceNow employee experience

As employees spend more of their time in ServiceNow portals, it’s important to bring frequently used content into a central employee destination.

Having to switch between applications, search for information, and learn multiple systems adds complexity back into the process – the very things that ServiceNow aims to eliminate. Not only is it frustrating for employees, but it also adds unnecessary steps to common tasks and prevents users from taking full advantage of PeopleSoft.

3. Bringing PeopleSoft content into a ServiceNow Portal with InFlight

The good news? InFlight can help. We make it fast and easy to integrate PeopleSoft and ServiceNow for an improved employee experience.

Unsure of what an employee experience platform is? Learn about it here!

InFlight’s PeopleSoft Connector for ServiceNow pulls functionality and services from deep within PeopleSoft and adds them into your ServiceNow portal.

Here’s how connecting the two platforms can help your organization thrive:

  • Increase ROI by boosting the capabilities of your existing digital platforms
  • Save time by streamlining workflows and eliminating unnecessary steps in everyday processes
  • Improve the employee experience by delivering modernized, consumer-like PeopleSoft content that’s mobile-optimized, responsive, and user-friendly

Streamlining the ServiceNow employee experience

InFlight helps ensure that your employees have everything they need to be productive. Organizations can also tailor the experience to their employee’s needs, choosing what PeopleSoft content is available in their ServiceNow portals.

By displaying the most commonly used features front and center, your employees can:

  • Easily access up-to-date PeopleSoft information along with their existing ServiceNow content
  • Mix PeopleSoft content with content from other applications
  • Make real-time changes to PeopleSoft information directly within ServiceNow
  • Integrate content from any other PeopleSoft application, including PeopleSoft HCM, Financials, CRM, and Supply Chain
  • Process updated workflows in real-time
  • Experience a user-friendly, mobile-optimized UX enhanced by InFlight

InFlight ensures that your employees see the information that matters. And with single sign-on capabilities, there’s no need to log into PeopleSoft to find any additional information. Everything your employees need is available in one convenient place, so that they don’t have to navigate away to perform common tasks like viewing paychecks, tracking sick days, or updating personal information.

Delivering a consumer-grade PeopleSoft user experience

With InFlight, you can remove the friction that comes from the PeopleSoft experience. Through an enhanced consumer-grade UI, the user experience is completely reimagined.

InFlight remodels PeopleSoft Fluid and Classic pages to make them as easy to use as a smartphone app, giving PeopleSoft components a brand-new UI with a beautiful, modern designs.

With the dramatic improvement to the employee experience, you’ll see higher levels of adoption, lower support costs, and better returns on your digital investments.

Creating webhooks for PeopleSoft transactions

Webhooks allow you to easily fold your PeopleSoft applications into completely new processes and workflows that run on ServiceNow by wiring PeopleSoft transactions to hit ServiceNow incidents.

InFlight communicates with the ServiceNow Workflow Listener, so ServiceNow is able to receive the updated data, kick off a ServiceNow workflow, and update incident values and parameters. This entire process happens in real time with information updated instantly.

Deliver the best employee experience

Ready to enhance your employee experience? Bring PeopleSoft into ServiceNow to create a seamless, consumer-grade digital experience where your employees can easily get the information they need, right when they need it.

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