A pioneer of modern recruiting services and software, more than 1,700 companies rely on Kenexa BrassRing, making it the sixth most popular applicant tracking system (ATS) as of 2020. Companies like Walgreens, Disney, General Electric, and Best Buy have worked with the Kenexa BrassRing ATS, reinforcing its status as a leader in the enterprise market. These businesses, and others, value its process automation, compliance, and security controls. But as the workforce evolves, what candidates want, need, and expect from the recruiting process does too. To enhance what Kenexa BrassRing already offers its clients, InFlight provides a SaaS solution that enhances the candidate experience and ensures it aligns with the customer’s employer brand.

In this post, we’ll explain how InFlight works with BrassRing, why it’s great for candidates, and what it means for your business.


InFlight + Kenexa BrassRing

No matter what the job market looks like, the candidate apply flow experience directly impacts hiring outcomes. Creating a layer that sits on top of Kenexa BrassRing, InFlight enables you to leverage your existing investment while modernizing how candidates experience the process of applying for a job using your ATS. Here’s how:


  1. Increased emphasis on your brand – InFlight makes candidates feel like they’re interacting directly with your company. By putting the focus on your employer brand, rather than any vendor branding that’s part of the ATS pages, such as the Kenexa BrassRing URL or logo, candidates only see your brand as they move through the process, creating consistency and promoting your company.
  2. Simplified candidate registration flowOur research shows that 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies make candidates click the Apply Now button multiple times. More than that, candidates have to fill in fields and click an average of nine times to register before they can even start applying for a job. InFlight streamlines these steps and helps candidates flow from job description to a completed application faster and easier.
  3. Mobile optimization – Custom forms in Kenexa BrassRing aren’t mobile responsive, frustrating many candidates to the point where they drop out of the apply flow. InFlight makes sure all aspects of the application are easy to use from any device, including mobile and desktop.
  4. Detailed analytics – InFlight offers advanced insight into candidate behaviors that allows you to measure their experience, optimize the application process, and demonstrate ROI to key stakeholders.



Exploring the benefits

With InFlight for Kenexa BrassRing, the benefits are two-fold, benefiting your candidates and your business. Candidates benefit from a smoother application process and an overall better candidate experience, resulting in lower drop-off rates and higher conversions for the business. The latest research from the CandEs found that companies that prioritize candidates see a correlation between positive experiences and their business outcomes. At the same time, the addition of InFlight works to get candidates into your pipeline while using your recruiting resources more efficiently.

Ready to transform your candidate experience with InFlight for Kenexa BrassRing? By enhancing your existing investment, you get more value from Kenexa BrassRing and are able to maintain your familiar ATS and processes with an updated candidate-facing experience. That means you get to preserve the security and privacy controls and the integrity of your data: no duplication or sync challenges, and deliver a frictionless candidate experience, from start to finish.


Find out how InFlight can help.



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