Talent Benefit 1
Modernized resume upload step for Brassring Native brassring application step for resume upload

Put your employer brand front and center!

InFlight modernizes the candidate experience of searching and applying for jobs to align with your corporate brand and in this process we hide all traces of your ATS (including the Kenexa BrassRing URL)!

Talent Benefit 3

Simplified registration flow

How many candidates leave your application after seeing the login page?

InFlight’s simplified application flow ensures new candidates easily flow from the job description to a completed application.

Mobile optimized experiences

Can candidates easily complete your entire apply flow on a mobile device?

If you are using custom forms they may not be mobile responsive. InFlight can ensure all aspects of your application are easy to use on any mobile device.

Talent Benefit 2

Measure your candidate experience

InFlight’s advanced analytics offers insights into your candidate experience that will enable you to optimize the application process and demonstrate return on investment for your business stakeholders.

Don’t let friction in the candidate experience affect your recruiting efforts.

Equipped with the most compelling user interface and advanced analytics, InFlight enables you to convert top talent into leading applicants.

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