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The most compelling brand and candidate experience for Workday

Branding is more than just adding a logo and changing the colors. It’s about creating a compelling experience that attracts candidates and converts them into applicants. InFlight enables you to stand out from your hiring competition by showcasing your valuable employer brand and making your Workday job search and apply flow fast, easy, and inspiring for candidates. Rolling out the red carpet for candidates dramatically increases conversion so you get more applications from qualified candidates.


Job-specific questionnaires

Workday provides job-specific questionnaires that help recruiters quickly and easily identify the right candidates for different jobs. InFlight supports any number of job-specific questionnaires and is the only candidate experience solution for Workday that preserves this important capability.

Talent Benefit 3

Ditch up-front account creation

Up-front account creation is a signal to candidates that your entire application process is likely to be cumbersome and full of hurdles–which is something qualified candidates simply won’t stick around for. InFlight’s deferred registration for Workday removes the need for new candidates to create an account before starting their application so they can complete their application quickly and easily.

Make it quick and easy for returning candidates to jump right in

Returning candidates have their profiles pre-filled into any new job application, so there is no need to re-enter information. They can also quickly tailor their application to make sure everything is up to date.

Real-time data transfer to Workday

Rather than collecting and storing candidate data outside of Workday and then making batch updates, InFlight reads and writes data directly to Workday in real-time. Since InFlight never stores candidate data outside Workday, you can avoid all the data-propagation headaches and compliance risk associated with other solutions.

Great brands trust InFlight

Don’t let your recruiting efforts be limited by the Workday candidate experience. InFlight enables you to deliver the streamlined experience that candidates expect and deserve today.

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