Many organizations have a great employer brand and career site but,
the applicant experience shifts when candidates click “Apply Now”


InFlight turns your Workday application experience into a seamless
extension of your career site.

GDR Candidate Experience Platform

The most compelling brand and candidate experience for Workday

InFlight enables you to create genuine branded
interactions that flow seamlessly from your corporate
website to your career site, to your Workday apply
flow, and beyond. Create a compelling experience that
attracts candidates and converts them into applicants.

Make it quick and easy for returning candidates to jump right in

Returning candidates have their profiles pre-filled into any new job application, so there is no need to re-enter information. They can also quickly tailor their application to make sure everything is up to date.


Support for unlimited questionnaires

Workday provides recruiters with the ability to customize
the questionnaire for individual jobs. InFlight is the only
candidate experience for Workday that provides support
for all your existing questionnaires.

Ditch up-front account creation

InFlight’s deferred registration for Workday removes the
need for new candidates to create an account before
starting their application – so they can complete their
application quickly and easily.

GDR Candidate Experience Platform

See results in weeks

Most customers go live in a matter of weeks, not months,
making it easy for you to score a quick win that can save
your organization up to 66% of job ad spend!

Up to 92% of candidates who
click “apply” drop off during the application process1

  • 45% of job seekers search for jobs daily on their mobile device2
  • Poor mobile experiences lead to 53% fewer applications3
  • 69% of candidates with a negative experience won’t apply again4
  • 60% of candidates bounce at the registration page5
GDR Candidate Experience Platform

1. Appcast 2018 Recruitment Media Benchmark Report

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