Did you know that the systems experience you’re providing to users – like candidates, employees, suppliers, students, and other groups – likely isn’t hitting the mark?

System users have high expectations! Consumer apps and websites have shaped the way that people expect to engage with enterprise systems. Today, users anticipate interacting with systems that have a beautifully branded user interface (UI), seamless navigation, and are optimized for mobile.

If your systems aren’t providing the caliber of experience that people anticipate, it will impact how they think about your brand and whether they choose to continue doing business with you.

For instance, candidates may decide not to apply to your organization if your career site and application experience are outdated and difficult or impossible to use from a mobile device.

Similarly, if your campus portal solution provides a frustrating experience, students will begin to develop negative perceptions about your brand that could impact future enrollment.

No matter the system or audience, you need to think through the experience that your organization is providing in order to protect your brand and reduce inefficiencies to save your team time and money.

This ebook overviews the types of system experiences that different enterprise audience groups anticipate, and how companies across different industries were able to upgrade their experience to meet these expectations.

You will learn:

  • What a good systems experience looks like today
  • The positive business outcomes associated with improving your systems experience
  • How to improve the user experience across a range of common enterprise and academic systems, like Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs), eProcurement systems, and Campus Portal Systems.

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