Onboarding is a critical moment of truth for new employees

The candidate experience doesn’t stop at “You’re hired!” In fact, it’s only beginning. Once people become employees, your organization needs tolive up to all the promises it made while attracting and hiring them.

In fact, 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days,making an exceptional onboarding experience critical for retention. 1


Does Your Onboarding Experience Say “Honeymoon’s Over”?

Studies show that 69% of employees are more likely to stay 3 years or more with companies that provide great onboarding. 2

Most organizations only do 1 week of onboarding and 88% of them don’t onboard well. 3

58% of organizations say their onboarding program is focused on processes and paperwork. 4

Onboarding Pay Screen

Taleo Onboarding: A Powerful Foundation

Oracle Taleo Onboarding is a powerful workflow engine that accelerates new employee productivity by streamlining all the paperwork, equipment/service requests, training, and knowledge transfer that needs to happen whenever people join your company.

Taleo Onboarding provides enterprise-grade capabilities and performance:

  • Set up a single process or create multiple processes for each business unit/geography.
  • Fully customizable process and workflows, including conditional logic for different scenarios based on employee location, business regions, hire types, regulations, and more.
  • HR has end-to-end visibility from offer, to hiring, to onboarding, and send reminders at key points in the process.
  • Full reporting capabilities are provided for a start to finish to finish view of the process.
  • Forms are e-signed and fully exportable to meet compliance requirements.

InFlight Onboarding: Red Carpet Experience

InFlight ensures your onboarding experience creates an outstanding first impression with new hires.

Building on the solid foundation of Taleo Onboarding, InFlight enables you to create a mobile, modern, and beautiful experience for employees:

    • “One stop” onboarding puts everything new employees need in one place and workflow.
    • Seamless branding that matches your corporate website and career site.
    • Consistent user experience, no matter what system the information, forms, or content originate from.
    • Mobile optimized so hires can complete onboarding during down-time or while on-the-go.
    • Streamlined onboarding workflows that employees can easily complete in one or more sessions


Let’s get started!

InFlight ensures new hires get off to a good start in the crucial first 30-days by making the Onboarding process efficient and pain-free.

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1. octanner.com 2. shrm.org 3 & 4: Saplinghr.com

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