The client

Schneider National, a provider of truckload, intermodal, and logistics services, wanted to improve their Taleo Enterprise Edition user experience by reducing causes for candidate drop-off during the apply process.


Schneider was experiencing a disconnect in their candidate application experience – they had a beautifully on-brand careers web page, but users were dissuaded by the stock Taleo apply process. This resulted in low top-of-funnel numbers and reduced candidate conversion when users hit the Taleo account creation step.


InFlight streamlined the Schneider Taleo apply process in three ways:

  1. Custom apply views that use Schneider branding
  2. Provide custom entry and exit points to the Taleo apply process
  3. Provide applicants with ability to view submissions and submission status
  4. Remove upfront Taleo account creation step


By implementing deferred account registration, candidate drop-off at the registration page was reduced by 48%. Schneider’s InFlight enhanced Taleo applicant experience is now fully mobile, cohesive, and is improving funnel conversion rates with more completed applications.

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