Hiring in-demand talent at the height of a pandemic

For organizations like Piedmont Healthcare, an integrated healthcare system of 11 hospitals and 800 locations in Georgia, the ongoing Covid-19 crisis has made it even more crucial to attract, hire, and onboard nursing talent quickly.

Piedmont had long leveraged social media and specialty job boards to fill its nursing roles. However, its previous systems didn’t always provide the resources to measure effectiveness, understand which sources delivered the best talent, or indicate which media platforms to invest in going forward. In addition, a clunky candidate experience, without a fast-track option, led candidates to drop off since busy nurses don’t want to spend a great deal of time filling out an application.

To address these challenges, Piedmont Healthcare sought a new way to get its positions in front of more qualified candidates – and make it easier for them to apply. Carly Fearrington, Piedmont Healthcare’s Talent Acquisition Manager, ultimately selected InFlight and its ProgrammaticPLUS solution to help find right-fit talent during this challenging time.

Greater flexibility and full ATS integration

With InFlight’s ProgrammaticPLUS, Piedmont benefits from a highly flexible approach that not only reaches the candidates they want to attract but enables a fast and easy apply process. It also frees up time for busy recruiters who no longer have to manage job boards manually.

Fearrington says, “One of the great things about InFlight is that it’s so flexible and fluid. Where we see results, we can put additional funds. Where we don’t see results, we can reallocate the funds.”

In addition to programmatic job advertising, InFlight helped to simplify the application flow through a “fast pass” option. This combines a multi-step apply flow into a single page to capture the candidate’s name, email, address, resume, and areas of specialty, fully integrated with its existing ATS. Not only does this make it easier for talent to apply, but it also streamlines the process for Piedmont’s recruiters.

Finding (and hiring) those purple unicorns

Since implementing InFlight’s solutions, Piedmont has seen enormous success in recruiting high-quality nursing talent in a short period of time. In particular, the company experienced great success in hiring cardiovascular operating room (CVOR) nurses. Known as “purple unicorns” for the difficulty in recruiting these highly skilled individuals, Piedmont filled eight such roles within two months.

“Our executive team is floored because they thought we might be able to get one or two, and we got eight in less than 60 days,” Fearrington says. “We have always been in the opposite seat, where we’re feeling the pressure. It was just so great to be able to get those candidates.”

With a new approach to programmatic ad buying, Piedmont can target the sources that provide the best candidates and continually adapt to ensure strong results. Through this approach, the company continues to attract the high-quality talent its healthcare facilities need and hire fast – a crucial advantage when nursing talent is in higher demand than ever.

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