Creating a better student experience from the start

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) is a large, nationally-ranked public college specializing in high-tech degrees serving over 15,000 students every semester. With a commitment to exceeding the service expectations of their students and for fostering new concepts and innovative solutions, NWTC turned their attention to transforming their student portal experience.

NWTC was relying on an out-dated PeopleSoft Campus Solutions portal and external third-party vendors like Blackboard and Starfish to serve their students – and it was far from high-tech. The existing portal functioned as needed but did not meet accessibility standards and offered no functionality for mobile devices. Essential information was spread throughout multiple pages and the user experience was generally disjointed.

InFlight worked with NWTC to create a customized solution that brought their applications together into a beautiful and seamless portal that put student experience and accessibility as a top priority.

Implementing a student success initiative that fosters school pride and connection

Transforming NWTC’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions was a crucial component to the new portal. However, the InFlight solution went beyond this to truly create a dynamic and engaging student experience driven by the unique needs of NWTC’s students. The InFlight redesigned portal features a compelling new theme and layout, intuitive navigation, quick links to key information and easy access to Blackboard, Starfish, and Office 365. The easy-to-navigate portal encourages students to be proactive when looking for answers to their questions, rather than relying on support and assistance from faculty and staff.

The InFlight solution modernized NWTC’s PeopleSoft features like Course Scheduling and Enrollment, Class Schedules, My Grades, and Personal Information. Each component is fully embedded into the student portal to provide a seamless look and feel while meeting the mandatory WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards.

InFlight’s Campus Solution also allows students and faculty to enjoy the portal on their favorite devices – whether it’s mobile, desktop, or tablet with absolutely no compromises to functionality or usability. By simplifying the information architecture, reducing the number of clicks to access information, and offering inline editing, the mobile experience is just as easy to use as the desktop application.

Revitalizing the higher education payment standard: TouchNet

NWTC’s customized “Apply to Program” feature allows new students to apply for a program or certificate and pay their registration fee directly online. Before InFlight, students completed their personal profiles and program interests and were then sent to a TouchNet web page to process their payment. This created a jarring experience that required users to shuffle between browser pages to complete their application.

Using InFlight, NWTC transformed this disjointed, multi-system apply process into a fully-branded, seamless, integrated workflow. Now, the TouchNet payment process is integrated directly into the custom PeopleSoft Apply-to-Program process, simplifying the user experience from start to finish.

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