Now, when employees want to enter timesheets, view paychecks, or enroll in benefits from their mobile phones, they can visit the app store.

It’s easier and more convenient than sharing and bookmarking a URL, and provides more control over distribution and installation.

InFlight is uniquely positioned to extend your enterprise mobile strategy by taking your successful InFlight investment and increasing its reach via Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Look, feel, and behave even more like the apps that users are already familiar with.

Installed just like any other app on the user’s phone.

Automatically and immediately reflect any changes or updates made to the underlying InFlight Web Application. Your InFlight Mobile Apps for iOS/Android pick up changes in real time.

Tap into Android and Apple iOS developer APIs so you can use fingerprint or facial recognition as a means of logging into content, or set up iBeacons to geo-fence a web punch app for specific groups of users.


There’s very little downside to publishing to app stores. However, there are some standard security considerations to discuss with the appropriate stakeholders.

How It Works

1. Decide what InFlight content you want to offer through app stores. InFlight will create a corporate mobile app. We can also create a separately branded app for a specific division or brand.

2. Once you’ve decided what functionality you want to deploy, we wrap the InFlight Web App using Xamarin and publish it to Google Play and the Apple App Store. InFlight uses Xamarin to surface the existing functionality of the InFlight Web App into a native application. This enables us to extend the InFlight Web App to provide native functionality that is expected by users, such as TouchID, saving files, etc.

3. After an app is submitted to the app stores, it will be reviewed by Google and Apple staff and then be published. Once published, anyone with a device can search for, find, and download the app, but only users authorized by you will be able to log in to and use the app.

4. As with everything InFlight delivers, access and security will continue to be governed by the underlying system of record.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is “app wrapping”?

    “App wrapping” is a method for creating a native application for mobile devices which is based on an underlying web application. The native mobile application uses a web browser to make calls to the web application and display the UI.

  • Why bother wrapping my web application?

    App wrapping is an easy and efficient way to create native mobile applications, which can be easily distributed, shared, and managed. The resulting applications can combine native device functionality, such as fingerprint authentication, camera, GPS, etc. with functionality from the web

  • How do we distribute the application?

    InFlight Mobile Applications are published to Google Play and the Apple App Store.

  • Do we publish the application or you?

    InFlight typically lets the customer own and publish the application though their corporate app store account, however, we can also do this on your behalf.

  • How do we update the application?

    Changes to InFlight Web Apps are automatically reflected in InFlight Mobile Applications. To update the InFlight Mobile Application itself, simply publish a new version to the app stores.

  • How do we test the application before submitting it to the store?

    InFlight can whitelist a number of devices for your application to be tested on. Only these devices will have access for testing.

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