Consumer-grade manager approvals save time and money

One of InFlight’s clients – an intergovernmental organization represented in nearly 200 countries – was faced with major inefficiencies caused by their outdated manager approval application.

The organization was looking for ways to improve workflows and reduce the time required for managers to approve travel requests, purchase orders, and expense vouchers for their teams around the globe. In order to achieve this, the organization was looking to modernize manager approvals by creating a mobile application for their on-the-go employees.

However, the client’s PeopleSoft Financials system was getting in the way of accomplishing this goal. Only the InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP) would solve this issue without implementing an entirely new system. The InFlight EXP provided a consumer-grade mobile experience that increased manager approval efficiencies to reduce time and costs.

Mobile PeopleSoft Manager Approvals

InFlight delivers a mobile application for manager approvals

With the InFlight EXP, the client was able to improve their current system functionality without implementing new financial software. Here are a few highlights that overview how the new mobile application was delivered:

Co-designed with the client

The InFlight team provided the client with a flexible timeline so that the organization had the opportunity to provide feedback and make changes to the mobile app along the way. This ensured external partners and stakeholders were included in the process. This also provided the client with a tailored and hand-crafted solution to ensure the best possible outcome for their employees and contractors.

Integration with pre-existing systems

InFlight technology builds on the solid foundations provided by software like PeopleSoft, without having to replace the underlying system. InFlight updated the client’s PeopleSoft Financials functionality to deliver on a modern and intuitive mobile experience, without impacting the backend technology.

Responsive web and mobile applications

Our client’s employees can now conduct transactions through a responsive web application and mobile application on both iOS and Android devices. Managers can simply download the apps from the app store on their phones with a secure password and login. This allows for convenient, on-the-go productivity around the world.

The outcome: increased productivity and time savings

Today, 63% of the client’s manager approvals are completed through the mobile application. Managers also complete an average of 3 approvals in just 4 minutes and 17 seconds through the app.

Managers appreciate the ability to use the app on the go and the client is saving hundreds of hours of managers’ time each month, resulting in significant financial savings and increased productivity rates.

The client’s new mobile approval application communicates the organization’s strong commitment to the employee experience. The intuitive interface and mobile workflow ensures the organization is also able to save money by improving manager efficiencies at scale.

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