A-B testing provides a competitive advantage

Hiring in many areas today has become increasingly difficult and competitive. Commercial drivers, for instance, are one talent segment that can be extremely tough to hire because of low unemployment rates and skilled labor shortages.

One of InFlight’s clients in the transportation industry was facing the challenge of hiring at scale for commercial drivers. While the client had already used InFlight to improve their application process – and had already reduced drop-off rates by 50% – they were looking for additional improvements to gain a bigger competitive hiring edge.

To enhance their apply flow further, the client used InFlight’s analytics and A-B testing platform to gain detailed insights about each component of their application process. InFlight’s A-B testing functionality allowed the client to test out the impact of several changes they were considering making to their Taleo apply flow to see which ones would have the biggest impact on their candidate conversion rates.

The A-B testing reports provided the client with the necessary insights to make several user experience updates that increased conversions, including: re-ordering fields, omitting certain questions from the application, and providing auto-fill capabilities.

How the A-B testing worked

Candidates entering the client’s apply process were split 50/50 into two groups:

  1. Group A received the test apply flow experience with changes aimed at reducing the total apply time and drop-off rates.
  2. Group B received the usual apply flow experience.
AB Testing Diagram
Browser showing applicant conversion

Decision making driven by data

Using InFlight’s analytics, the client was able to identify which steps of their process had the highest drop-off rates: the personal information collection stage and the qualification collection stage.

Based on this insight, the client was then able to A-B test a number of possible fixes to reduce the drop-off rate for these stages. Some of the results they observed during A-B testing included:

  • A 92% improvement in candidate conversions during the qualifications collection stage of their process
  • A 21% improvement in candidate conversions during the work experience collection stage of their process
  • A 1 minute decrease in average time required to complete the work experience stage of their process

These decisions validated the client’s decision to make these changes permanent for all future applicants, as well as to continue to A-B test and optimize their apply process on an ongoing basis.

Integrating analytics and A-B testing into your ATS & HCM

Analytics and A-B tests provide the necessary insight to gain a critical advantage in today’s competitive hiring landscape. Armed with the right data, InFlight clients are empowered to make informed decisions to improve their experiences and processes, increase conversions, and ultimately land the talent they need.

InFlight’s analytics and A-B testing platform is also easy to use and implement. The solution integrates with an organization’s pre-existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) application. This means that clients don’t have to implement a new system to gain access to a range of functionalities, reports, and insights that their HCM and ATS platforms are not providing today.

Analytics Flow

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