Modern eProcurement: InFlight makes doing business with the government easy

This project involved working with a State-level government committed to providing an accessible, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly online presence to support constituents and foster increased confidence in government. As part of an overall technology transformation, they identified an online procurement portal for vendors seeking to do business with the State as a key component. With it, they planned to provide eProcurement that would:

  • Seamlessly integrate with PeopleSoft Financials
  • Make it easy to do business with the State without the need for training or support
  • Provide an exceptional user experience to build vendor trust and confidence


An aggressive timeline and demanding specifications increased the complexity of the project, as did a number of significant additional constraints, including:

  • A fixed go-live date as the State had publicly committed to the launch date
  • The need to work with and maintain the integrity of the existing PeopleSoft installation; complete with extensive customizations, existing security stack and a complex integration of financial processes for all state agencies
  • Strict adherence to government accessibility standards to ensure equal access to all

Fundamentally, the State needed a vendor who could work within the context of the larger transformation initiative, led by a Top 5 consultancy. A vendor who could take the very complex business logic and workflows in PeopleSoft and radically simplify task flows to streamline the user experience (UX) and create an attractive, easy-to-use UI.

A progressive PeopleSoft eProcurement solution

InFlight proposed to replace the existing eProcurement portal with a modernized, self-service platform that would respect all the business logic, customizations and security capabilities of the underlying PeopleSoft system.

The proposed solution would give the client full control over the PeopleSoft eProcurement UX and the ability to have fully branded interactions directly with the public on the web and via mobile devices.

Building the front-end of a continually changing PeopleSoft back-end

Given the complexity of the project and the tight timeline, communication and alignment was critical. To keep things on track and ensure clear accountabilities, InFlight followed a formal client engagement process that included development sprints and weekly check-in meetings. With regular contact and open communication, the inevitable technical hurdles associated with developing a front-end on top of a changing PeopleSoft back-end were systematically met and overcome.

This last factor was especially important. The client made it clear that the PeopleSoft system would continue to be modified throughout the development of the front-end solution. Only InFlight’s technology and team could respond quickly enough to ongoing changes that even user feedback offered a week before launch was successfully incorporated into the UX.


Putting a modern face on state government

In spite of the complexity and dynamics of the project, InFlight delivered the desired results within the State’s aggressive timeline— five months from kick-off to go-live. The client had already invested years and significant public resources in a major technology transformation. InFlight successfully helped them create the final piece: a modern, accessible and mobile-friendly front-end that meets the needs and expectations of today’s users.

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