The InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP) enables you to create a next generation candidate experience and digital workplace using the HR systems and applications you already have in place.

A diagram of how the InFlight ATS process works


Create a high impact candidate experience

In today’s competitive market for talent, every touch point matters. InFlight makes sure candidates get a fully branded, red-carpet experience when looking for and applying to jobs. We improve candidate conversion by 194% so you get better quality hires, reduce your time to fill, and spend less money on recruiting.

A consumer grade front end for your proven back-ends

InFlight makes it fast, easy, and affordable to radically transform the user experience of enterprise systems across all device types – from desktop to mobile – without compromising the existing business logic, customizations, or security you rely on.

Benefits plan selection desktop and mobile

Remove friction from the flow of work

InFlight enables you to deliver digital experiences that engage, inspire, and retain talent — using your current HR systems. Provide employees with a single portal that offers personalized dashboards, content, and notifications. Our streamlined UX and workflows can eliminate the need for training and support.

Measure, improve, delight, repeat

Let data drive your digital transformation decision-making. The InFlight EXP provides full user analytics, A-B testing, and survey capabilities, enabling you to identify and prioritize high-impact flows, optimize interactions, and quantify impact.

How it works

InFlight connects to existing on-prem or cloud systems, requesting content the way an end-user would.
Our technology brokers the conversation and dynamically reshapes the user-interface by decoupling it from the underlying application.


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