InFlight maximizes funnel conversion by impressing candidates and removing obstacles

Cox Enterprises wanted to enhance their Taleo applicant tracking system in order to keep up with the 15,000 to 18,000 hires they need to make each year.

Cox adopted a mobile-first mindset to simplifying and modernizing its Taleo apply process—so it would look and behave flawlessly on mobile, tablet, and desktop. With a priority on hiring both the quantity and caliber of talent necessary for the organization to continue to grow and thrive, Cox established delighting passive job seekers as the standard of success for their visual appeal and ease-of-use improvements to Taleo.

In order to achieve their goal of capturing more completed applications from high quality candidates, Cox sought to:

  • Streamline their Taleo apply process
  • Defer Taleo account creation for new users until after job applications are completed
  • Create a simple, one step process for select jobs
  • Flow their employer brand throughout the apply pages
  • Make Taleo mobile-optimized
  • Fill roles more quickly and at a lower cost

Cox wanted a solution that would not only control the look and-feel and mobile-responsiveness of Taleo, but also a solution that would allow them to simplify the Taleo apply flow and make the application process unobtrusive.

Building on a strong foundation

Prior to working with InFlight, Cox implemented a recruitment marketing front-end to overhaul the job search and job description pages. Although this resulted in a good-looking initial impression, there were still many complaints about the applicant experience.

Cox chose InFlight to solve their Taleo candidate experience because only the InFlight solution would:

  • Defer user registration and streamline the Taleo apply process
  • Show positive impact on candidate funnel conversion rates
  • Leverage Cox’s existing investment in Taleo and recruitment marketing functionality
  • Go live in weeks, not months
  • Create a flawless apply process on desktops, tablets, and smartphones

InFlight worked closely with the Cox design and corporate communications teams to ensure their employer brand flowed through the Taleo apply process — without having to fiddle with branding files. InFlight used existing Cox design assets and feedback focus groups to develop the perfect design.

InFlight Aura unlocks the full potential of Taleo

InFlight technology made it possible for Cox to add new functionality which cannot be implemented using Taleo alone.

InFlight materially changed the way candidates proceed through the Taleo application process by deferring the user registration process and routing candidates directly into a job application. This greatly reduces the 60% application abandonment rate common to Taleo’s enforced, up-front account creation. Now, with InFlight, candidates are only asked to create a Taleo account after the job application has been completed and submitted.

InFlight also implemented a simple, efficient, one step job application process that takes less than a minute to complete, and does not require any configuration changes to Taleo.

Faster applications means higher conversion and more completed applications, which is helping Cox fill roles faster and with better quality, passive candidates.

Cox is filling roles faster with InFlight

Thanks to an effortless apply process enabled by InFlight, Cox is able to fill roles faster to keep pace with their hiring requirements and drive growth within their organization. They are finding the improvements InFlight made to the candidate experience has increased their recruitment marketing and sourcing spend efficiency, generating a speedy payback of their investment in InFlight.

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