A textbook PeopleSoft mobilization for this rural university

InFlight’s client on this project was a rural university in Southeastern U.S., with a rich history dating back to 1909. In the face of strong competition for enrolment, the University was highly motivated to provide the modern, connected experience today’s youth expect. While they knew mobile access to essential systems would be a critical part of that experience, they also faced significant time and budget constraints. The fact that their existing system, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (PSCS), was not mobile friendly seemed to further complicate the situation.

As we explored the possibilities with them, it soon became apparent that the solution was not nearly as complicated, or as costly, as they feared.

Quick, cost effective mobile solution for PSCS

Aside from a desire to remain current with mobile technology, the University also wanted to route students away from the registrar’s office by encouraging self-service after enrollment, in a format students were most familiar with: a mobile app. To keep things manageable and reduce risk, the CIO decided to start small by mobilizing a select few PSCS components. This would allow them to assess viability, absorb incremental changes and measure student reaction to the new functionality—before committing to further capital outlay.

InFlight proposed a rapid roll-out of four high-use components: View Grades, View Class Schedule, View My Bill and View My Financial Aid. This combination would give students easy-to-use, mobile access to core, high-value PSCS functionality. InFlight’s colorful, uncluttered interface offered a simple, engaging app experience that would make accessing PSCS easy for all students, even the less tech-savvy.

InFlight delivers PSCS mobilization: 4 modules, 3 weeks, in-budget

Although timing was important, budget was the most significant constraint for this client. Two main factors played into providing the successful, in-budget solution:

  1. An uncomplicated implementation—the existing PSCS had only a few minor customizations. This greatly simplified the deployment, enabling InFlight to waive the initial implementation fee.
  2. The modular nature of InFlight’s technology allowed the client to “test the mobile waters” by implementing four key components, knowing that future functionality could be added just as efficiently and cost effectively.

As a result, the entire project, from template design through testing and revisions, was completed within budget, in just three weeks.

University and students give PSCS mobilization high grades

In every project, we expect challenges. InFlight’s technology and project process are designed to meet and overcome these challenges with minimal disruption and delay. This implementation turned out to be a text book deployment with no notable difficulties. In fact, it highlights just how quickly and easily the InFlight solution can be rolled out when a customer chooses to move forward with minimal customization.

With the solution live and in use, the feedback has started to come in. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with multiple references to ease-of-use, fast access to pertinent information and great graphics. The client is delighted with these early results, which show strong student uptake and a high level of satisfaction with the mobile solution.

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