Another successful virtual event in the books! We really enjoyed attending SRSC July 2021 and are glad we were able to connect with so many people. If you missed the event, or want a refresher, here are the key takeaways from our sessions!


Lessons from ecommerce: How Making Your Candidate Experience a Funnel Will Help Your Employer Brand

Ecommerce and TA are more connected than you think

Consumers and candidates have a lot in common. Both are online and involve self-service processes. But why is buying things online a lot easier than applying for a job?

The Candidate Experience leaves something to be desired

Putting it simply, there are too many steps that create friction for candidates. This results in lower conversion rates and fewer completed applications. Recently, we conducted research into the apply flow of Fortune 500 companies. We found that at a maximum, candidates spent 13 minutes applying, 32 clicks in the pre-apply process, and clicked 11 “Apply Now” buttons before being able to submit their application! What does this all mean?

It means that there are a lot of hoops for candidates to jump through just to get into the application and then even more to finally submit it. In fact, 92% of candidates who click apply don’t finish their applications.

If you have any doubts about the importance of the user experience, I’d like to share this quote from Jeff Bezos in 1997. He said, “We need something to make the ordering system frictionless. We need to make it so the customer can order products with the least amount of effort.” In the same vein, we need to reduce the friction in the candidate experience to encourage them to actually complete an application.

Bringing it all together

One of our customers came to us with a request to solve a hiring problem. They needed to hire enough nurses to fill critical needs during the pandemic and they needed to do so at a sufficient pace. By implementing analytics insights into their apply, they were able to see overall site conversion and applicant conversion, time to complete by funnel stage, and the biggest drop off points.

Using this data, InFlight helped the customer design and implement improvements in their apply flow which led to the following positive outcomes:

  • 60% of applications are coming from mobile devices and trending upwards
  • Applicant completion rate is over 70%
  • Application time dropped from 25 minutes to 2.5 minutes
  • 8 cardiovascular operating room (CVOR) nurses were hired within two months, exceeding their expectations by 400%

Improving the candidate experience is a journey. Here are three tips you can use to get over the finish line:

  1. Get commercial! Start thinking about the candidate experience in terms of the dollars and cents it costs your company.
  2. Take a scientific approach to improvement. Gather the right data and identify the right problems. Continually iterate and improve as you go.
  3. Correlate funnel performance with business impact so that as an organization you can implement change for the better.

Want to see the full session? Click here!


Looking for more? InFlight also presented “Reducing Bias in Recruiting: Candidate Data Masking”

Candidate data masking is an important tool for ensuring no bias is introduced during specific parts of the recruiting process. Watch this session to see how one of our customers used data masking to support their DEI strategy and ensure hiring for their hard to fill roles was based on merit. With InFlight, you can customize your own process to ensure that you retain that information in your Applicant Tracking System to increase diversity.

Check out the full session here!


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