Did you know that it costs companies an average of $4,129 to hire an employee? We trust that the money we spend on hiring goes to a great cause, but what if we told you that you could get the same number of applicants (or more) with less recruitment marketing spend? At InFlight, we love helping companies of all sizes modernize their apply flow, increase applicant conversions, and use their career marketing budgets more effectively.

Is your SAP SuccessFactors ATS not providing the candidate experience that you want? Maybe you’re starting to see fewer application completions and increased drop-off rates but moving to a different system isn’t in the cards for your company. Our solution for SAP SuccessFactors will take your candidate experience during job applications to the next level and help you keep up with technological advances in the HR industry.

The InFlight talent acquisition solution has a few goals:

  • Create a branded experience for your applicants and showcases your company in the best light
  • Improve applicant conversion rates and your recruitment marketing results with less spending
  • Enhance your career site and application process without changing your business or IT processes

The Problem with an SAP SuccessFactors’ Candidate Experience

Applicants expect an enjoyable experience when applying for their next job. They want an experience that’s seamless, branded, and a breeze to complete. When potential candidates come to apply to your jobs, if the process is too cumbersome or frustrating, they will drop out, and you could miss out on top talent.

On it’s own, SAP SuccessFactors doesn’t provide the best applicant experience for your potential employees today. Specifically, it falls short in four areas:

Your candidates aren’t getting the branded experience they hoped for. You’ve spent a significant amount of money and time on building a brand and a corporate identity that sets you above your competition. Why would you hide that from your apply process and future employees? A lack of branding is a bigger and deeper issue than your colors not matching.

You work hard to maximize the effectiveness of job boards to bring traffic to you, but where are you sending your applicants? A bland, uninspiring application process that doesn’t speak to your company’s identity and one that is definitely not on brand. This disconnect, can give your applicants negative feelings about your workplace – so much so, that they may question if they can see themselves working for you. In fact, 78% of job candidates say the overall candidate experience they get is an indicator of how a company values its people.

Your applicants aren’t getting a mobile-friendly experience either and 90% of job seekers search for jobs on a mobile device. You don’t want to miss out on your next employee because your job application was challenging to submit on mobile.

You also want to make sure that your application process is designed and developed in a way that is easy for everyone. Web accessibility means that websites and applications are designed in a way that help people with disabilities or assistive devices use them. This means your ATS needs to address and be compatible with all disabilities including auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and physical disabilities. If not, you may be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Accessibility issues may lead to fines, but the solution to your company’s problems is simple. For more information on how InFlight addresses web accessibility, see our brochure here.

Consider the issues your potential applicants may be having on their desktop or laptop too. Are you giving any of your prospective applicants the best experience when you don’t focus on user experience?

Check out our SAP SuccessFactors case study to learn more about how our solution can increase your applicant conversion rate by 194%

InFlight Is Your Company’s Solution for Your SAP SuccessFactors Candidate Experience Problems

With our solution for SAP SuccessFactors, we can help you create a better candidate experience. We recently shared a case study with a SAP SuccessFactors client. In this case study, we detailed how we helped them increase their applicant conversion rate by 194%. Can you imagine what you could do if you were getting the same number of finished applications with a smaller portion of your recruitment marketing budget?

In the war for talent, we have to be picky with who we hire. We want the best employees, but it’s hard to make that vision a reality when only a fraction of your potential candidates complete the application process. Imagine the talent you may be missing out on right now by presenting candidates with your current applicant experience.

Think about the passive job seeker. They may be excited about a fresh start at a new company. That job seeker is your perfect candidate, and they have the experience you desire. The issue? They don’t have time for lengthy or frustrating applications that are difficult to use. Those passive job seekers are looking for a fantastic opportunity, but you have to make it easier for them to apply for your position.

InFlight helps you transform your applicant experience without drastic changes to the systems you have in place. You will have the best of both worlds: an increase in quality applicants and a decrease in the marketing spend it takes to get there – all without learning an entirely new applicant tracking system.

Your investment in InFlight will have a ripple effect throughout your entire company. This investment:

  • Builds a better company culture
  • Provides better ROI for your recruitment marketing budget
  • Reduces the headaches and issues your HR and IT teams face
  • Create better alignment with your corporate goals, identity, and brand

How many problems could be resolved at work if you could hire better employees while spending less money and improving your employer brand?


Do You Want to Learn More About Our Solutions?

We would love to work with you to determine how InFlight can transform your SAP SuccessFactors applicant experience. Schedule a demo, and we’ll share our best knowledge with you on attracting top talent and creating a seamless application process.

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