HR Tech features an unrivaled cutting-edge agenda for HR and IT professionals from businesses of all sizes! At this year’s conference we’ll see presentations from HR visionaries like Josh Bersin discuss how Employee Experience Platforms (EXPs) are shaping HR and transforming the future of work.

InFlight is attending the conference as the only “Pre-hire to retire Employee Experience Platform” that provides a unified experience using your current HR applications. The InFlight EXP helps organizations make better quality hires for lower costs, and removes the hurdles and hold-ups from the flow of work to empower your people.

Drop by Booth 2651 to see demos on how you can create beautifully branded employee systems and create an effortless candidate experience with your existing applicant tracking system.


Get good talent to apply

With too few candidates to fill high demand jobs, the hiring market has never been more competitive. The best candidates won’t stick around to submit applications if the experience you provide doesn’t live up to their expectations—fast, easy, and mobile-friendly


Do you know where your recruiting dollars are going?

What if we told you more than half of your recruitment marketing budget was being wasted? Up to 90% of the people who start a job application don’t complete it because the candidate experience provided by your ATS is frustrating.

InFlight solves this issue by streamlining the application experience to remove pain points, leading to less user drop-off, more applications, and a greater return on your recruitment efforts.


Empower your organization

Employees are used to the usability and convenience of smartphone apps, not complicated interfaces of enterprise applications. InFlight enables you to create a digital experiences that help you engage, inspire, and retain talent!


Checkout this case study!

Cox Enterprises looked to InFlight to transform the entire candidate experience of their 15,000+ annual new hires. Working with InFlight, Cox was able to adopt a mobile first approach to ensure their applicant experience looked flawless across all device types and increased their candidate conversion. Read it now! 


Interested in meeting with us at HR Tech?

Call 1-800-853-7505, email, or visit us online at

The InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP) creates a digital work experience that unlocks your organization’s potential across the entire employee lifecycle—from attracting and converting top candidates to improving daily workflows for employees. InFlight EXP affordably transforms your existing enterprise applications so employees can work smarter, easier, and more efficiently. It’s your technology, InFlight ups the ante on what it can do.



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