Have you ever been critical of the user experience of filing a tax return? Ever wanted to redesign a grocery self-checkout machine? More and more, we’re thinking like designers as we move through our daily environments. As design permeates our lives, more and more of us are expected to think about design as part of our work. However, design’s influence today is nothing compared to what it will be, according to the folks at design magazine 99U. In a recent article on the future of design, their editors note that over the next decade, design thinking will be introduced much earlier into development processes of every kind.

Design isn’t considered a cosmetic frill anymore

Companies are starting to appreciate how fundamental design and user experience work is to their success, no matter their field. The quality of your company’s brand design, for instance, affects both your customers and employees. It affects how your employees think and feel about themselves. If you’ve had experience with enterprise applications like PeopleSoft, SAP or Siebel, you know that redesigning the user interface or interaction flows is a major undertaking that requires proprietary development knowledge. Big systems like these need specialized – and often large – project teams to make improvements. The up-front cost and time investment means crucial changes to create a great user experience just never get done. Most companies simply continue using the software with the same user experience it came with when it was delivered.

That’s where InFlight comes in

Our solution enables organizations to take control of the user experience of their existing applications. InFlight creates a virtual layer on top of your existing system using web standard technologies to control the user experience. Our approach doesn’t alter your enterprise system, so you don’t need domain expertise or specialized developer resources to implement a better user experience. All you’ll need are web development skills and a knowledge of modern web design frameworks and libraries. Organizations can put designers in the driver’s seat and let the ERP team stay focused on critical work. With InFlight, you can enhance the interaction flow of enterprise systems quickly and easily — without the demands of a major project. We can provide a ready-made responsive design, build custom, or hand our off-the-shelf web apps over to your team of in-house designers or favorite design agency. InFlight frees organizations from the rigid, top-down design paradigms common to enterprise software and SaaS applications, making it possible for you to employ design thinking to improve the systems your business run on, and thus improve the way your business runs. After all, that’s the point of good design. Some of the world’s best companies are using InFlight. Want to learn more? We’re happy to discuss the possibilities. Get in touch with InFlight today.   Schedule a Demo

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