It’s common for things to slow down, or even stop while enterprises are shopping around for new HCM, ERP or Financials solutions. Customers tell us that they are not making any investments in applications like PeopleSoft while they are considering new options, such as Workday.

That’s understandable. It’s a huge decision to make and IT departments don’t want to throw good money after bad.

However, these periods can hurt IT departments a lot – they are not delivering the fixes that their users and organizations are pushing for and their digital assets are continuing to lose value at a faster rate as investment stops.

IT leaders can’t afford to do nothing in these situations and that’s where InFlight helps.

Buying InFlight isn’t an investment in an enterprise system – it’s a strategic investment in the future

While you’re in the process of finding that perfect fit, InFlight can buy you time to make the right decision—and solve the mobility, usability and functionality problems you have right now.

We have several Fortune 500 customers who purchased InFlight even though they are migrating off PeopleSoft to Workday. It’s helping them maintain the credibility of the IT team, solve pressing problems, de-risk their migration by giving them more time for implementation – and doing it very cost-effectively.

InFlight doesn’t end with PeopleSoft

InFlight works with other systems, such as Taleo, SAP SuccessFactors, ADP, Ariba, Documentum, SharePoint and others. InFlight is flexible, standards-based middleware that works with any web-based enterprise system or target content system. So you can use InFlight in the future for your next transformation or migration initiative.

InFlight protects the value of your new software investments

Even your new system is going to look old and stale eventually—maybe sooner than you think.

With InFlight, you’re getting an insurance policy against obsolescence that future proofs your software and enables it to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in front end technologies and user experience (UX) trends. Never worry about being out-of-date – InFlight allows you to keep your systems looking modern.

Bring multiple back ends together under a common user interface (UI)

InFlight also enables organizations to create a single, seamless, modern interface out of whatever various enterprise systems are currently in use. Rather than having a different UI and UX paradigm for each application, InFlight can create a single look and feel that covers all your HR and Financial systems, so users have a consistent experience.

Protect the value of your digital real estate with InFlight

InFlight’s modernization platform creates a virtual layer on top of your business systems, so you can keep the user experience perpetually fresh for the least cost. Think of us as a strategic investment to protect the value of all your digital real estate.

To learn more about how InFlight can help, schedule a demo today.

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