Alternatives for mouse, touch screen and trackpad navigation

Have you ever navigated a web page without your mouse? Give it a try — use the tab key and see where it takes you through this page. How did you make out? Maybe you’re a power keyboard user and it was no big thing for you. Maybe you have a disability and used a screen reader to get here. But if you’re an average Internet user, you’re probably relieved that you can have your mouse back. And you’ve also learned something about web page accessibility – for many people with visual impairments and disabilities, using a mouse, a trackpad or a touch screen to navigate is not an option.

Planning for accessible enterprise applications

Without proper planning for accessibility, web pages can lead users through a maze of navigation tabs. Or poor design can leave users stranded in pop-ups they can’t close without a mouse click. Or your users may find they can’t navigate through form elements: to fill out a job application, for example. For some, inaccessibility may just look bad and create frustration. But others will be shut out of your hiring process. In fact, there are many regulations which require organizations to create accessible websites and applications. If you’re not accessibility compliant, there can be big consequences. And within your organization, poorly-designed keyboard accessibility means your power users and employees with disabilities can’t reach their peak efficiency.

Keyboard accessible web applications make sense for everyone

Designing with keyboard accessibility in mind makes sense for businesses, higher ed and public sector organizations. Developers can make new pages and apps keyboard accessible without too much trouble. But when your enterprise-level software isn’t accessible, that’s a bigger problem. Older enterprise applications often aren’t designed with accessibility in mind. If the application — say, PeopleSoft — generates pages that don’t meet modern accessibility standards, you’ll likely need a specialized team of developers to make changes. That will cost your organization, in both time and money.

InFlight simplifies web accessibility compliance

InFlight provides complete control over how you implement accessibility technologies, with any enterprise-level application you use: PeopleSoft, Taleo, SAP SuccessFactors and others. InFlight supports all of the latest standards and technologies and will continue to support new developments as they arise. We sidestep the need for specialized teams: our middleware program uses simple, web-based code to improve your web applications. As a result, it’s fast and affordable to keep pace with rapidly changing accessibility compliance regulations and accessibility standards.

Accessible applications create a better user experience for everyone

Our solution enables organizations to take control of the user experience of their enterprise applications. When you’ve enhanced your enterprise system to provide a new, accessible user interface, you’ll discover a bonus: accessible pages tend to offer a better user experience for everyone. They’re better organized, their information flow is more intuitive, and they’re easier to read. All your readers will get an efficiency boost. And that means more opportunity and productivity for your business. Get in touch with InFlight today to schedule a demo and see how we can help you improve accessibility and productivity.   Schedule a Demo

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