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The COLLABORATE 19 – OAUG Forum focuses on the expertise, knowledge, and insight you need to maximize your organization’s investment for your cloud or on-prem Oracle Applications. On April 8th, InFlight’s very own Implementation Engineer, Igor Miltchman, is presenting a session on why designing for security is equally important as designing for user experience.

Full presentation details are included below, and you can link directly to the conference here.


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Using Application Facades to Put a New Face on PeopleSoft and ERP Security

Session Number: 105050
Time: March 5, 2019 2:30 – 3:00 PM

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Enterprise systems provide a single system of record with endless business capabilities; but exposing the whole monolithic system through a single interface to all users comes with substantial security risks. When designing for security; system architects should begin by identifying different user groups that will interact with the system; separating operational groups from internal and external customers. Once the user groups and their requirements are understood; an architect can design a web gateway with appropriate ‘application facades’ for each user group. Each application facade will hide implementation details and internal structure of the underlying enterprise system; restrict access to appropriate endpoints; and add an essential layer of protection to the enterprise system from outside threats.

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