The run up to the holidays is the period when the pain of managing a benefits enrollment period for a large organization is still fresh.

Online benefits enrollment causes a lot of pain for employees and HR departments alike. These are important decisions that require employees to compare and evaluate lots of complex information.

If employees aren’t totally confident in their decisions, the doubt that lingers can have an impact on their overall satisfaction with HR services.

Your employees should feel good about their Benefits Plan, but the enrollment process is cumbersome and complicated. When employees feel stressed about their options and choices, your help desk is flooded with wither calls for support, or complaints.

The best approach is to make benefits enrollment as simple as possible for everyone involved — plan members and administrators.

For online Benefits selection, the key is removing the complexity and think-points from the Open Enrollment, Qualifying Life Events and Benefits Plan Management workflows. Avoid the tendency toward information overload and instead focus on walking employees through the selection process step by step.

So easy employees can do it in minutes on their smartphone

Ask employees questions about their family situation and dependents. Medical history. Coverage needs. Preferred providers. Frequency of visits to the doctor. Eye and dental coverage needs. Use the answers to these simple questions to form a recommendation for the coverage they need and provide simplified options for comparison.

Sound familiar? Like a wizard? Or a chat bot?

These approaches to interacting with employees are popular — because they work! Why not apply them in your existing Human Capital Management (HCM) or HRMS system? Most HR teams don’t realize how easy it is to layer new capabilities on top of their existing HR applications.

Make Benefits Enrollment Simple for Everyone

For those with HR-related New Year’s Resolutions, I’m hosting a short webinar on the state of the art for online Benefits Enrollment.

Take a look at how applying natural language chat interfaces and wizards to applications like PeopleSoft, SAP SuccessFactors, etc. can ensure your next Benefits Enrollment period goes smoothly and gets rave reviews from everyone!

Watch the webinar recording now!



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