InFlight Enhanced CCSF Supplier Portal CCSF Supplier Portal Before InFlight

Improving the supplier experience saves money

From registration, to viewing and submitting bids, InFlight changes the way suppliers interact with your existing eProcurement application, making it as easy-to-use as the consumer apps they use on their smartphones. The result is more registered suppliers, more use of the system, and lower prices to you.

Make it easier to bid with a mobile-optimized e-procurement portal

InFlight helps keep prices down by making it easy for suppliers to search, register, and bid from any device, from anywhere.

“There was no need to write any underlying code and the solution resulted in a more modern, user-friendly, and secure portal.”


Julie Ansell | Director of Procurement Systems, CCSF

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Lower your support costs through intuitive workflows

InFlight’s modernized ePro experience is so easy to use you will immediately see the benefits in lower call volume and support tickets from bidders and suppliers.

Build a more robust supplier network

Making it easy for others to do business with you increases your network of suppliers. Your enterprise will be more resilient to supply chain disruptions when you have more options and supply chain diversity.

Impact your bottom line by increasing competition for contracts and eliminating help desk costs

You can start seeing the benefits of an optimized procurement portal experience in just a few weeks


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