InFlight simplifies high volume onboarding for Vail Resorts with intuitive, mobile-optimized PeopleSoft HR self-service web apps

Vail Resorts needed to deploy a new PeopleSoft HR Self-Service solution that would simplify the on-boarding and off-boarding process for 15,000 seasonal workers every year. The solution had to be cost-effective, mobile, and intuitive enough to not require training to be able to use it.


Vail experiences large seasonal turnover of their workforce which creates significant demand and backlog for HR support and services. Seasonal staff do not have access to company-provided technology for accessing self-service, and creating native smartphone applications would cost too much.


InFlight enabled Vail Resorts to:

  1. Create mobile-optimized responsive web apps that work flawlessly on all devices
  2. Make PeopleSoft so easy-to-use that training is not required
  3. Provide all employees with fast and convenient access to PeopleSoft Self-Service via their personal smartphones and tablets


With no additional infrastructure and no changes to PeopleSoft, InFlight enabled Vail Resorts to quickly and cost-effectively manage peak staffing periods by eliminating paper forms, manual entry, and HR kiosk locations. Best of all, the InFlight solution made seasonal staff turnover quicker, more efficient, and much less painful.

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