Improving data quality and candidate experience

A leading U.S.-based construction engineering firm using Taleo wanted more consistent data and a better experience for candidates. Relying on an out-of-the-box solution, the built-in resume parsing overrode the standardized picklist options, while returning applicants often created multiple accounts because they had difficulty with password reset options. As a result, insufficient data standardization and duplicate accounts made it difficult for recruiters to efficiently source candidates. Recognizing the need to improve the system in place, the firm turned to InFlight to increase data quality and promote a more positive experience.

An improved experience and better data from the start

After assessing the situation, InFlight offered a solution that helped candidates complete their job applications correctly the first time. Now, in-line field validation tells users if the information they enter is correct before submitting, minimizing the chance candidates trigger an error message before advancing to the next step. InFlight also updated the mobile experience to ensure users can select the appropriate choices easily, regardless of their device type. These enhancements, along with the addition of type-ahead options, which auto-completes a given field using a set of standardized options, and deferred ATS user registration, saved the candidates time and minimized frustrations while providing cleaner, more useable data.

To further elevate the candidate experience, InFlight leveraged the firm’s branding files to develop a seamless experience from the career site through the application process while meeting WCAG 2.0 AA standards for web accessibility.

Better data quality for better results

By streamlining the process, InFlight was able to improve the experience for both candidates and recruiters. A frictionless and user-friendly apply flow allows candidates to enter data quickly and accurately, resulting in more completed applications. With standardization on all key fields, recruiters can better leverage available information and source candidates more efficiently. Overall, the higher data quality made the candidate database increasingly valuable for the firm’s recruiters, with Taleo becoming better aligned with the needs of the organization.

Chris Gasparro, Vice President of Customer Success for InFlight, commented, “Our customer has seen vastly improved data standardization and accuracy and a 5x increase in candidate conversion rate since implementing the InFlight Apply Flow Experience Layer. These results are driving positive business outcomes by enabling them to capture more applications from highly qualified candidates and making it easier for recruiters to source candidates.”

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