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As Stanford Children’s Health set out to build a new flagship hospital, they wanted to provide their employees with efficient and streamlined PeopleSoft workflows to match. Their staff intranet portal and mobile apps were designed to support the needs of the new hospital, as well as unify service for all other Stanford groups including the Stanford University School of Medicine, and over 60 locations in its Bay Area health care network.

In-line with their goal to set new standards for health care experiences, the leadership at Stanford took a no-compromise approach to optimizing the efficiency of employees who use PeopleSoft. For these efforts, Stanford has earned industry recognition and marquee awards.

Those same leaders faced a pivotal challenge in achieving their ultimate objective to save employees time and make them more effective through smarter interactions with their significant infrastructure investments in Oracle HR and financials, and Microsoft SharePoint. No viable solutions had been found to elevate the efficiency of Peoplesoft HCM and FSCM, and overcome the technical integration barriers with their portal and mobile app. As a large health care group, Stanford also had to contend with a complex and heterogeneous IT environment including multiple vendor systems, and an in-progress transition to the cloud.

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A different approach to modernization

With world-class ambitions for optimizing employee interactions with their IT systems, but confronted with significant technical obstacles and tight deadlines, Stanford Children’s Health needed a fundamentally different approach to realize its vision. Working as an extension of the Stanford team, InFlight was intimately partnered in all aspects of architecting, designing, and deploying the digital system that Stanford leaders had imagined for their healthcare network and newest hospital.

Hospital staff and employees across the Stanford health network can now access important and time-sensitive HR and financial information and approvals in a modern and unified user experience. Information like paid-time-off is now self-serve and easily accessible to the health network’s distributed employees. With over 800 transaction approvers, hospital and healthcare managers can review and action expenses, timesheets, requisitions, journal entries, performance reviews, vouchers, and travel authorizations.

By integrating approval worklists into portal workflows, approvals are easier to find and faster to complete, while also reducing errors. Consolidating multiple systems with single sign-on eliminated three separate user logins and credentials – and enabled entirely new functionality like being able to display a merged count of outstanding approvals to prompt action. The ability to seamlessly integrate multiple systems also afforded the opportunity to enhance system security by enabling Office 365 multi-factor authentication (MFA) on Azure.

Future-proofing with new capabilities and flexibility

Since launch, the new functionality available to employees and managers is among the most popular in the staff portal. Managers have demonstrated faster approvals and reported increased productivity. Moreover, staff and executives report high satisfaction with usability. These digital systems for hospital and health network employees now reflect the world-class health care experiences that the hospital expects for their staff and patients.

Looking forward, mobile capability for HR and financial systems will further increase productivity and reduce downtime. With InFlight’s support for ubiquitous system integration, new functionality and user efficiency also continue, and over time will bring more systems into Stanford’s digital and mobile strategy. Leveraging the InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP), Stanford’s long-term cloud migration can also move forward at their full control, and without risk of costly and harmful service interruptions.

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“InFlight proved they were the only partner who could deliver a reimagined and world-class user experience and provide a seamless technology integration between our Oracle HR and financial systems and SharePoint Online portal.”


Kishore Reddipeta, Director of Web Systems and Technologies

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