Hiring in-demand talent at the height of a pandemic

A not-for-profit community health system headquartered in Atlanta, Piedmont Healthcare was at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic. The fast-moving nature of the crisis directly impacted Piedmont’s everyday operations and hiring needs.

Before the pandemic, Piedmont used a mix of traditional recruiting channels to fill its openings, including social media, specialty job boards, and in-person events. Two years ago, Carly Fearrington, Piedmont Healthcare’s Talent Acquisition Manager, selected InFlight’s ProgrammaticPLUS solution to help improve outcomes by making it easier for candidates to apply, preventing drop-off, and providing deeper insight into sourcing effectiveness. But when Covid-19 struck, Fearrington realized that Piedmont would need to rethink its hiring process and find new ways to respond and adapt to the situation.

Expanded reach

Having already worked with InFlight, Piedmont turned to InFlight for their Pre-Hire to Retire Employee Experience Platform for additional support when they needed it most. Fearrington comments, “One of the biggest challenges with Covid-19 is that it’s constantly changing the way we do business, the way we recruit. At the same time, it changes and shifts the hotspot roles that we need to fill, and so we wanted a technology that would enable us to cater to candidates from start to finish, despite the circumstances.”

In addition to InFlight’s ProgrammaticPLUS solution, Piedmont started leveraging InFlight products across the apply flow for all roles, which accounted for more than several thousand external hires over the last year. The move helped Piedmont update its outreach methods, including its previously in-person events.

Fearrington explains, “Pre-Covid, Walk-In Wednesdays were when a nurse could walk into any of our hospital systems and sit down across the table from a recruiter because often, these in-demand candidates want to know what you have to offer before they apply. Now we have a candidate self-service scheduling system from InFlight so Walk-In Wednesdays can take place virtually.”

Taking these recruitment events online, InFlight helped Piedmont expand its reach, connecting recruiters with candidates through video. Fearrington shares this opened up their talent pool, reaching out-of-state job seekers who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to attend a Walk-In Wednesday.

Expanded results

Piedmont saw enormous success following the implementation of InFlight’s ProgrammaticPLUS and notes similar results from using InFlight to navigate recent conditions. Fearrington credits InFlight for having a “flexible platform and suite of products that can solve any challenge I bring.” She’s also grateful for the performance results those InFlight solutions provide, which came in handy after standing up the new platform in less than a month.

Notably, since implementing InFlight, Piedmont has seen its application completion rate soar to over 70 percent while the time to complete dropped from 25 minutes to 2.5 minutes. Given the number of critical hires Piedmont makes per year, over several thousand internally and externally, InFlight helps save time and enhances outcomes across the apply flow – a pattern set to continue as Piedmont pursues its ongoing recruiting blitz and seeks to grow its partnership with InFlight to include onboarding.

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