Join Karl Wierzbicki, Director of Marketing at InFlight Corporation, and Kevin Grossman, President at Talent Board, for an informative webinar on how to maximize your recruiting efforts and budget to get more talent through your front door.

With unemployment in the US at its lowest level in 18 years, it’s tough to recruit top talent. The most desirable candidates are only passively looking, and the competition for them is high – so what are talent acquisition professionals to do?

Market the heck out of your roles, your company, and your culture, of course! But that’s only part of the story — all your recruitment marketing and employer branding efforts and investments are simply driving talent to your front door.

This webinar shares strategies and practical tips for making sure the best candidates are getting through your front door and submitting completed job applications. We’ll teach you how to troubleshoot your job apply process and overcome the limitations of your applicant tracking system (ATS) or “one size fits all” apply flows from third parties.

We’ll also share tips for creating an end-to-end talent experience that ensures candidates are onboarded, engaged, and retained effectively.

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