How employee experience platforms can make your current HR tech stack work better


All too often, HR technology delivers a less than ideal experience. Even a tech stack made up of the best HR applications can fall short of expectations because it’s difficult to bring all the pieces together into a cohesive employee experience that spans the pre-hire to retire journey.

Add in HCM applications (and other employee-facing systems outside of HR’s wheelhouse) that were built before mobile and remote work use cases were common, and the situation gets worse. It’s very difficult to customize solutions to provide fully branded experiences – including modern cloud applications.

This session takes the mystery out of improving the employee experience provided by your current HR systems and tech. Find out how leading organizations are using employee experience platforms (EXP) to make their existing HR tech more agile and to provide a better human experience. It’s all possible with an EXP – from creating fully branded, candidate-friendly experiences on Workday Recruiting to improving the digital experience provided by legacy applications such as PeopleSoft and SAP SuccessFactors, or by surfacing modernized content in portals, such as ServiceNow, Microsoft Viva, or SharePoint Online.

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