HR leaders agree that HR tech stacks can increase efficiency, productivity, and improve the human experience. However, only 20% of HR professionals rate their HR tech stack as above average, only 15% say their tech stack provides metrics and analytics that enhance decision making to a high degree, and 33% say that the tech stacks are poorly or very poorly integrated with one another.

Faced with these challenges, many organizations think rebuilding their tech stack from scratch is the only solution – but there are other options!

Building a strong HR tech stack doesn’t have to involve replacing applications, spending lots of money, or resource-intensive projects. Often times, organizations already have all the core applications they need in place and simply need to improve the user experience and level of integration between applications.

Join Susan Miltenberger, Deputy CIO at Towson University and Karl Wierzbicki, Director of Marketing at InFlight as they share how organizations can turn their existing applications into a finely-tuned HR tech stack that will boost productivity and make work better for employees. With the right technology and approach, HR can quickly move forward with digital transformation plans and contribute to increasing efficiency and agility in their enterprise.

This webinar will cover:

  • The benefits of a properly integrated tech stack
  • Creating a seamless experience
  • Increasing ease-of-use
  • Mobile optimized vs mobile friendly self service
  • Increasing access to remote workers

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