The client

Cox Enterprises is a global company with approximately 55,000 employees and $21 billion in revenue. Cox consists of three major divisions—Cox Communications, Cox Automotive, and Cox Media Group — that lead in the communications, automotive, and media industries. Some of Cox’s widely recognized national brands include Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and Cox Homelife.

The challenge

Cox is committed to providing a world-class, branded employee experience to attract and retain the best talent.

However, their disjointed HR systems were getting in the way of accomplishing this goal. These systems were providing a disconnected and frustrating user experience to candidates and employees alike.

Cox needed to enhance it’s career properties and internal HR systems to provide an improved experience that also communicates why Cox is an amazing place to work.

The answer

InFlight’s Employee Experience Platform (EXP) ensures that Cox can deliver on their promise of providing a great candidate and employee experience. The platform enables a streamlined, easy-to-use, and consistently branded experience across the Cox career site and key HR systems for Onboarding and Employee Self-service.

InFlight’s EXP removes the friction from Cox’s candidate journey and from the flow of work to ensure Cox is providing digital experiences that engage, attract, and delight talent.

The implementation process was easy. With the InFlight EXP, the Cox team was able to take complete control of the look, feel, and interactions an employee or candidate has while using their career site or systems – without replacing their underlying Human Capital Management (HCM) system or Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The solution

With InFlight, Cox candidates and employees now enjoy a mobile optimized experience with well-defined workflows and consistent branding at every touchpoint. The Cox team delivered a consumer-grade user experience quickly and cost-effectively, without replacing its Taleo ATS or PeopleSoft HCM.

The outcome

By using InFlight’s Employee Experience Platform, Cox was able to achieve their goals of providing an outstanding candidate and employee experience and showcasing that Cox is an amazing place to work.

Across the entire employee life cycle, Cox is now able to attract and engage talent more effectively with the InFlight EXP:

Talent acquisition

Cox is now able to attract and hire better quality candidates for less cost and in less time. InFlight built out a world-class career site that better communicates Cox’s powerful employer brand to attract talent. This beautiful brand and experience extends beyond the career site to the apply process too.

InFlight’s enhanced apply flow was delivered in just a few weeks and reduced the 60% candidate drop-off rate that’s standard for Taleo’s out-of-the-box apply process. This increased candidate conversion rate means that the Cox team now fills roles faster and can decrease their recruitment marketing spend.

Cox LinkedIn Screen


Cox employees now experience a branded, pain-free, and efficient process during onboarding. This type of positive onboarding experience is really important; in fact, according to Glassdoor, a great onboarding experience can improve employee retention by up to 82%!

Cox Onboarding welcome screen

Employee Experience

This branded and easy-to-use platform creates a digital workplace experience that strengthens employee engagement by demonstrating that Cox understands, cares about, and is responsive to their employees’ needs. Cox employees are also able to save time by completing self-service tasks like benefits enrollment, expense entry, and manager approvals, in a streamlined workflow and in one place – without having to sign on to multiple systems.

Cox is filling roles faster and impressing new hires and employees with InFlight’s EXP

By improving their career site and Taleo ATS apply experience with InFlight, the Cox team improved candidate conversion and reduced applicant drop-off rates. This is mission critical because an improved candidate conversion rate means less spend on recruitment marketing, the ability to fill roles faster, and more applications from quality passive candidates.

Further, once Cox candidates become new hires, they now encounter the same delightful experience during onboarding and across the entire employee life cycle. This ensures employees ramp up quickly, stay engaged, and don’t lose productivity trying to navigate frustrating systems.

From pre-hire to retire, Cox now provides a user experience that drives desired candidate and employee behaviors.

With the beautiful career site and streamlined apply process that the InFlight EXP provides, job candidates are encouraged to finish the applications they start. Employees get the same branded and seamless experience during onboarding and on an ongoing basis as they access employee self-serve. This motivates employees to rely on HR and IT help desks less frequently, increasing their productivity and engagement with the Cox employer brand.

After partnering with InFlight, Cox’s career site and HR systems now communicate the company’s strong employer brand and commitment to the candidate and employee experience.

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