The client

Bayshore HealthCare is a Canadian-owned company and a leading provider of home and community health care services. With over 100 locations across the country and 13,500 staff members, Bayshore provides care to more than 350,000 clients.

The challenge

Hiring talented and passionate caregivers and health care professionals is a high priority for Bayshore so they can continue to provide outstanding services to their clients. However, the health care hiring market is extremely competitive and Bayshore’s apply flow experience was turning candidates away and reducing their Talent Acquisition team’s effectiveness.

The out-of-the-box Taleo apply flow that Bayshore was using presented many barriers for the team. The application process was lengthy, unbranded, and required candidates to register for an account before they could apply for a role. As a result, Bayshore was experiencing high drop-off rates during their application process.

As a workaround, Bayshore’s recruiters were encouraging candidates to apply using a job aggregator’s “easy apply” functionality. However, this meant that applicants’ information was getting emailed directly to recruiters rather than input into Bayshore’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). With more than 600 applicants received daily, this presented a range of process, compliance, and candidate nurture issues that Bayshore needed to resolve.

The answer

Bayshore relied on the InFlight Employee Experience Platform (EXP) to remove friction from their application process. InFlight enhanced and streamlined their Taleo apply flow so applications can be completed in under 5 minutes, solving candidate drop off and enabling the TA team to use their ATS as the main system of record.

The solution


The InFlight EXP works effortlessly with Bayshore’s existing software without any complicated integration requirements. The solution sits on top of Bayshore’s current ATS, Taleo, allowing the company to make adjustments to the out-of-the-box apply flow experience without implementing a new ATS. This was an important factor for the Bayshore team because they did not want to spend time or budget on training their de-centralized and geographically distributed team on an entirely new ATS.


In addition, the new InFlight FastApply Flow experience is fully branded so that Bayshore candidates now encounter a consistent experience throughout their entire candidate journey. Bayshore’s application process now includes their logo, fonts, colors, and other brand elements to unify the experience and make the right first impression with candidates. These updates enable Bayshore to use their employer brand to differentiate their candidate experience and stand out from hiring competitors.



Using the InFlight EXP, Bayshore was able to present candidates with a new four-step “Fast Apply” option that enables candidates to go through the entire application process in less than five minutes. To achieve this, the team eliminated the pre-application account registration or log-in step, and removed or reduced several oher information collection steps throughout the process


The Bayshore team now has access to InFlight’s advanced analytics platform as well. This platform includes a range of important candidate journey insights and reports, and includes the ability to A-B test different changes that the Bayshore team might be considering making to their apply flow. This means the team can better understand their candidate experience and make continuous improvements over time based on candidate behavior data.

“InFlight created a modern, mobile, and streamlined application flow solution to complement our ATS. This has improved our candidate experience considerably by upgrading the appearance and usability of our careers site, and reducing the time to apply from 30 minutes down to just under 5 minutes.”


Rose De Luca, Talent Acquisition Manager

The outcome

Today, 64% of Bayshore candidates who click “Apply Now” actually complete the application process — and in an average time of only 4 minutes and 25 seconds! This is a significant improvement over the average completion rates for Taleo — 9.5% on desktop and 5.1% on mobile. 1

Bayshore was able to drive these results by using the InFlight EXP to reduce the complexity and length of their process and brand their apply flow. These changes drastically improved the overall candidate experience that had previously been provided by the out-of-the-box Taleo apply flow.

On top of providing candidates with a user-friendly, modern experience that reduces drop off, the new apply flow also solves some serious process issues for the Bayshore team. Bayshore recruiters no longer feel the need to resort to third party, email-based job applications and can now encourage candidates to submit their applications within the ATS apply flow.

As a result, the HR team’s efficiency has increased because candidate information is now securely stored within Taleo and can be used to automatically initiate eOffers and onboarding, and nurture candidates on an ongoing basis.

1. Appcast, 2019.

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