“Wow” candidates with your current systems


Attracting and hiring good people in an ultra-competitive market for talent is a major challenge, especially when candidates have a disjointed experience as they move across your career site, RMP, talent network, and ATS.

InFlight Improves the candidate experience:

  • Seamlessly brand each step of the candidate journey
  • Create a consistent and engaging experience
  • Increase candidate conversion by 194%
  • Convert more passive talent
  • Get better candidates with less effort and expense

Facts on the applicant experience

Mobile matters

  • 90% of job seekers use mobile1
  • 78% want to apply via mobile2

Complexity causes drop off

  • 75% of the workforce is “passive”3
  • 60% of candidates bounce at the registration page4
  • Candidates are 365% less likely to submit an application that takes more than 15 min5

Branding counts

  • 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job6
  • 46% of job applicants will sever
    their business relationship with
    a brand if they have a poor
    candidate experience7

1. Survey data is based on a Glassdoor survey conducted online from April 22-30, 2014 among 1,000 employees and job seekers.
2. Indeed, http://blog.indeed.com/2014/09/18/78-of-candidates-wouldapply-to-jobs-from-mobile/
3. “Recruitment marketing: converting candidates, winning talent,” Aberdeen Group, February 2016
4. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-survey-suggests-candidateregistration-practices-could-davies
5. https://www.eremedia.com/ere/long-job-descriptions-and-titles-canhurt-you-and-so-can-short-ones/
6. The Ultimate List of Employer Brand Statistics, LinkedIn, 2016
7. Talent Board, 2017 North American Candidate Experience research report

Make applying for jobs so easy even passive candidates will do it

InFlight increases candidate conversion by 194%:

  • Remove up-front talent network forms and ATS user registration
  • Create short, simple apply flows
  • Add live, in-context form validation
  • Optimized for mobile and any other user device

Your employer brand shouldn’t end at “Apply Now”

Your apply flow needs to provide the same quality experience as your career site, especially since 65% of candidates are landing right into your apply flow from job boards, ads, and recruitment marketing programs.
InFlight provides:

  • Smooth and seamless handoffs across your entire candidate journey
  • Consistent branding and consumer-grade user experience across all your TA systems
  • Custom employer brand creation and career site design

Data-driven applicant experience design

InFlight enables you to create a candidate experience that’s as unique and as valuable as your employer brand and culture:

  • End-to-end career site and apply flow analytics
  • Simple A-B testing
  • Rapid prototyping, QA, and promotion to production

What could you do if you got 66% of your job ad budget back?

Increasing conversion means you need to buy fewer ads and spend less effort driving candidates to your job applications. InFlight enables you to put up to 66% of your job ad and recruitment marketing spend back into your budget.

InFlight advantages:

  • No changes or upgrades to your TA stack required
  • Quick and easy, API-free integrations to any system
  • Deployments take just a few weeks
  • No impact to your security, privacy, and compliance
  • WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility and
    OFCCP compliant

How It Works

InFlight Aura for Talent Acquisition sits between the candidate and your existing applicant tracking system. It passes user requests through to the ATS as though the user was making the request directly.



Great Brands Trust InFlight

Many world class organizations use software and services from InFlight Corporation to mobilize and enhance the user experience of their existing enterprise systems. Here are just a few of our customers…

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