InFlight creates a compelling digital workplace and employee experience

We do things with web-based enterprise software that no one thought possible. Our zen-like approach to modernization is so simple, yet so sophisticated, it dissolves all the technical and organizational hurdles that enterprises usually face during IT projects.

We enable blue-chip brands to enhance online and mobile service delivery to create emotional impact and engagement. With InFlight, teams can step outside the disruptive and expensive cycle of software upgrades and migrations to deliver a perpetually fresh user experience for the lowest cost.

At InFlight, we celebrate diversity, inclusion, and equality. We take pride in our talented and diverse team and remain firmly committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Our core values

We’re in this together

At InFlight, we inspire our co-workers and our customers by our dedication to common goals, and the shared sacrifices we all make to achieve those goals. Long term success will not come from heroic efforts alone, so we continually devise new ways to work smarter and more efficiently.

Think of others first

We think of others before ourselves and put their needs first, whether they are a customer, a co-worker, a partner or a supplier. We are all responsible for creating an open, trusting working environment where egos and drama are left at the door.

Pursue better

We are masters of our craft who stubbornly pursue “better.” Our work sets the standard by which others are judged and we continually raise the bar on performance and quality to stay ahead of customer needs and the competition.

Grit, but make it fun

We show grit and pursue our work with the determination to succeed, though, we also like to have fun while we work and value a great sense of humor and a good laugh.

Meet some of our managers

Igor Miltchman

Implementation Team Lead

Igor is the Implementation Team Lead at InFlight. He believes a product is only as good as its delivery and operations. Each implementation project is a unique puzzle, and Igor will be there to make sure that the missing pieces are placed in their correct positions. His team likes to think outside of the box and produce creative solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. To be able to keep calm and deliver consistently in high-stress situations, he has learned to prioritize learning and having fun at work. When he’s not in the office, you can find him looking for security vulnerabilities in household appliances.


Cindy Zunic

Design Team Lead

Cindy is the Design Team Lead at InFlight. She is responsible for InFlight’s design strategy and is passionate about building systems that empower both users and developers. She believes that great design improves the lives of people and enjoys breaking down complex problems and synthesizing real needs into simple and accessible solutions. As a manager, Cindy strives to build a team of individuals who empower and support each other while having the confidence to work independently and the autonomy to make sound design decisions on their own. Her goal is to create an environment where her team can focus on doing the work that motivates them so they can continue to learn and grow every day.

Don’t take our word for it 

See what others say about working at InFlight: Glassdoor Reviews

Perks and benefits

Competitive salaries

We look at what our competition is offering and balance that against required skills/experience for each of our positions. We review internal salaries on a regular basis to make sure we are staying competitive.


Real work/life harmony

There is no balance between work and life, it’s a harmony. You need to manage both to honor that harmony. InFlight supports that the best we can. Work from where you want, your home, the road or our office. You are judged on the quality of your work, not on how or when you do the work.


Annual company offsite

Each year, InFlight holds an annual offsite/gathering. We work *on* the business, instead of in it. A three day affair, all costs covered

Health benefits for everyone

InFlight provides benefits which include, health, dental, vision, and disability. For you and your family. InFlight covers up to 100% of plan costs.

Group RRSP/401(k) savings

Save for your retirement while at InFlight. We match your contributions, up to 2% of your salary.



Smartphone/internet allowance

InFlight pays $100/month to offset your connectivity costs, apply it to whatever you need to be connected.


Work with people who pull their weight

InFlight believes everyone should have equal opportunity to reach their full potential. We use our core values as a compass and leverage them to hire, reward, and evaluate all employees.

Vacations and paid holidays

InFlight offers 3 weeks of paid vacation and holidays – with some wiggle room. Our priority is ensuring you can get your work done while managing your work/life harmony.

Focus on wellness

InFlight provides a one-time $250 credit to help you set-up your home office and an annual wellness credit of $500 to spend.

See how our solution is rated

See all our client reviews at Gartner Peer Insights

Amazing partner. They really listen to their customers and go beyond what is expected to ensure complete satisfaction. My favorite vendor partner by far.

SR Mgr HR Technology ★★★★★

InFlight has solved business challenge after business challenge by providing innovative and immersive user experiences. And, their relationship management is as good as it gets in my 20+ years of experience.

Sr. Director Of EnterpriseTechnology ★★★★★

The InFlight team members have become trusted advisors as we increase our organizational focus on the candidate and employee experience … Hard to imagine a better partner or a better partnership.

Senior Manager ★★★★★

Our toolbox

We’re rigorous about selecting the technology we use to ensure that it’s the right choice for addressing the problem at hand.


    You can’t keep ahead of trends if you’re bound to proprietary technology – so we aren’t.

    Angular  |  React  |  Backbone  |  jQuery  |  Bootstrap  |  Semantic UI  |  npm  |  Grunt/Gulp  |  Bower  |  …insert your favorite framework here


    Our REST-like API works with any enterprise system.

    .NET  |  C#  |  JSON  |  Azure  |  AWS


    Like our dev team, our dev tools are tightly-connected and work well together.

    Slack  |  JIRA  |  Confluence  |  Git  |  Bitbucket  |  Choice of laptop or desktop set up (Windows or Mac)

We’re hiring!

It’s an exciting time to join InFlight Corporation – we’re rapidly growing our stable of Fortune 500 customers and have millions of users on our platform. If you’re ready to make an impact on how the world’s biggest brands work, we’d love to hear from you.


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