All of your organization’s applications in one easy-to-use portal

How many applications does your team use each day? How much time is spent navigating and logging into different systems to carry out otherwise simple tasks?

The answer is too much.

InFlight optimizes your digital workplace by combining the enterprise applications and content employees use daily into an all-in-one, fully branded portal that allows your team to work smarter.

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Give employees fully responsive, mobile-optimized applications that can finally keep up with the pace of work

The modern workplace has evolved. Projects move faster than ever and work is no longer confined to the office. Your organization needs modern tools that enable employees to work on-the-go without sacrificing quality or usability.

InFlight makes your existing enterprise applications as user-friendly and convenient as the best apps on your smartphone, so employees can manage tasks, receive notifications, and check in from any device.

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Create streamlined application workflows without having to customize your application

Software vendors can’t deliver applications that are customized to fit the way your organization works. You end up changing your process to fit the application, or you end up investing in expensive and time-consuming customizations.

InFlight saves you from all of this by creating a user experience layer on top of your applications. You get the ability to re-organize and optimize the UI and workflow to fit how your organization works — without having to upgrade or modify the underlying application!

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Applications so intuitive and easy-to-use that support and training aren’t needed

Is self-service really self-service when users need expensive support and training to use it?

Think about how much it costs your organization to create, deliver, and attend training, not to mention providing help-desk support.

With InFlight, the user experience is so well-designed that users can simply open their application and get started right away – no training required.

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See how InFlight makes your digital workplace mobile, modern, and beautiful:

Is your IT team too busy?

We can unburden your IT team by hosting and managing your InFlight solution in our enterprise-class cloud.

Can you afford to delay empowering your teams?

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