Given the fierce competition for talent right now, your employee experience is one of the biggest make-or-break factors in attracting and retaining the best people. Sure, there are lots of ingredients to a great employee experience, but today we’re going to talk about one of the most critical to your success: a consumer-grade, employee self-service portal.

If you use Salesforce portals, you know they’re a powerful way to give your people access to fast, easy, and enjoyable information and tools, all in a central location. But there are some limitations—particularly if you’re a PeopleSoft customer. Up until now, there’s no easy way to bring self-service application content and transactions from PeopleSoft into Salesforce.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why that’s an issue for your employee experience and how InFlight can help.

Meeting employees’ consumer-grade expectations

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company for customer relationship management (CRM). With Salesforce Community Cloud, customers can use the Salesforce platform to create employee portals that bring employee-facing content and self-service tools from a variety of applications into one convenient digital workspace.

With so many people working on a remote or hybrid basis, having a central hub where they can stay engaged, connect to information, and get things done—from anywhere—is a gamechanger for efficiency, productivity, and communication. On top of making it easier for people to do their jobs, a self-service digital workspace boosts employee satisfaction, delivering the consumer-grade experience 56% of employees expect.

Employees can use the Salesforce portal to see their work schedule, log cases, submit IT tickets, manage expense reports, complete training, access knowledge databases, communicate with their teams, and more.

So what’s the catch? If your organization is one of the many global enterprises that relies on PeopleSoft as a core application, you’ve likely noticed a major limitation to Salesforce portals: there’s no easy way to integrate PeopleSoft application content and functionality. That prevents Salesforce from being a true one-stop-shop for employee-facing tools and content.

Friction in the Salesforce digital workplace

Did you know the average employee spends 20% of their work week looking for internal information? Having to hop back and forth between different platforms and tools to source content and complete tasks is a huge time sink. Similar to the way we lose focus when we’re shifting our attention between an in-person conversation, our phone screen, and the television, switching between applications at work creates added complexity that impacts productivity.

A centralized self-service portal like Salesforce can help tackle that problem, reducing the amount of time employees spend on common tasks. But when people have to navigate away from the portal to access content and transactions in an outside application like PeopleSoft, the platform loses its power as a center of gravity for the organization. Instead of providing a seamless experience, the Salesforce portal landing page functions more like a link farm.

If an employee wants to request vacation time, complete their timesheet, process approvals, manage their benefits coverage, or view a paycheck, they have to leave the Salesforce portal, log in to PeopleSoft, and remember how to navigate an entirely different system. This process adds friction to the workday—the very problem an employee portal should eliminate.

Bringing PeopleSoft content into Salesforce with InFlight

With Salesforce becoming a daily hub for many employees, you’ll want to bring as much downstream content as possible into your self-service portal to maximize engagement, productivity and satisfaction. The good news? InFlight makes it fast and easy to integrate all your employee-facing content for an improved experience.

The InFlight Connector for Salesforce pulls content and functionality from deep within PeopleSoft applications and surfaces it directly within your Salesforce portal, augmenting the valuable content that’s already there. You can bring a variety of transactions into the portal, whether those are left in their native Fluid or Classic state, or fully reimagined by InFlight.

By connecting PeopleSoft and Salesforce, your enterprise can increase ROI, make the most of your digital properties, save time, eliminate silos, streamline workflows, improve the employee experience, and build more mass into your organization’s center of gravity.

A one-stop shop for everything employees need

With InFlight, you can easily display up-to-date employee-facing content and transactions from any PeopleSoft application alongside existing Salesforce content. When employees access their portal landing page, they see frequently accessed information and actions from both platforms. Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities mean there’s no need to log in to PeopleSoft to complete transactions or find information.

Everything employees need is available at a glance and they can quickly complete PeopleSoft tasks in one convenient place without navigating away, including viewing paychecks, tracking vacation days and sick days, managing timesheets, updating personal information, and more. When they complete PeopleSoft transactions in the employee portal, real-time changes are automatically written back to the system of record.

Enhance PeopleSoft interactions and content

InFlight doesn’t just remove friction from the Salesforce experience—it also makes PeopleSoft interactions more seamless, too. You can completely transform the way your people experience PeopleSoft applications in Salesforce by delivering an enhanced, consumer-grade interface that’s as easy and enjoyable to use as a smartphone app.

By reimagining the look, feel and functionality of your PeopleSoft content and transactions, you can make the experience more modern, user-friendly and mobile-optimized. With dramatic improvements to the employee experience, you’ll see increases in adoption, lower support costs, and better returns on your digital investments.

Consumer-grade employee experiences made easy

Giving your employees the easy, fast, and enjoyable experience they deserve can be a real competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. By making your Salesforce employee portal a true one-stop shop for everything your people need—including PeopleSoft content and applications—you can ensure maximum satisfaction, productivity, and performance.

Discover how InFlight can help by contacting us today.

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